The big pregnancy reveal is finally upon us! Cue extreme, shrieky jealousy in every non-pregnant cast member in 3…2…1… Since the news of Elena Gant and Preston expecting twins broke last week, it was only a matter of time before this season of Little Women: LA touched on the subject. And it looks like we’ll be finding out if Terra Jole and Tonya Banks can mend fences after their epic fight at Jasmine Sorge’s family restaurant last week. Christy McGinity Gibel inserts herself as peace maker – and pizza maker! – to try. 

We begin with Tonya and Elena at the furniture store testing out new sofas. They discuss Jasmine’s party, which Elena says revealed Terra’s true feelings about them: i.e., that she still has some issues (to put it mildly). Terra was hurt that Tonya didn’t support her through baby Penny’s spinal decompression surgery, and Tonya admits she did drop the ball. Elena claims she reached out to Terra during that time, but Terra said she didn’t need any help. Both Elena and Tonya want to apologize to Terra, regardless. Which is the grown woman thing to do.  


Briana Renee and Jasmine are shopping for huge boas while they dish about their take on the party. Briana still feels weird about Christy, who she can’t seem to just apologize to already resolve things with. Briana wants to believe their friendship is salvageable, so she may take some baby steps to repair the damage. Maybe a dinner invite?

Over at Christy and Todd’s new house at which Todd will be found dead on the stairs, they’re arguing (what’s new!?) about where to put TVs…and Christy’s mother. In an effort to beat every last dust particle out of her tired old storyline, Christy once again harps on Todd’s weight. She also confesses she’d like to get the girls together for a pizza-making party, in part to reach out to Briana in the name of frenemy-ship. 


Preston and Elena are recording a super cute surprise video message for Preston’s mom’s birthday. Elena is directing because she says, “I’m Stivin Shpillbirg!” She tells Preston she wants to send a special message asking Preston’s mom to help raise her grandchild because…she’s pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!! It takes Preston a moment to let the news wash over him. Then he picks up Elena and kisses her, overjoyed to hear the news. Awww!


Elena says she just took the at-home pregnancy test, so they’ll need to go to the doctor for confirmation. But as we know, it’s all good baby! She doesn’t want to tell any of the ladies her big news yet, and knows that her pregnancy will be high risk because she’s a little person. But their marriage is strong and they’re ready. Bring on the twinsies! (Which they do not know about yet….eeek!)

Attempt #302 at Operation Bury the Mattchet is underway as Briana and Christy hash things out over dinner. Christy just cannot let go of the fact that Briana has cut her family out of her life, but Briana defends that they have said such horrible things to her (about Matt, no doubt) that she just can’t deal with them. Briana also claims that her parents had the opportunity to meet Matt when they were picking up Briana’s daughter one day, but they wouldn’t even look at him. (#ICanRelate) Briana does admit she hasn’t been the best friend to Christy, though, which Christy takes as a kinda-sorta-maybe apology for now. They’re willing to keep working on their friendship.

Jasmine is over at Terra’s with a little monkey stuffie for baby Penny, who is doing well. Yay! Good news. Terra didn’t expect to LOSE HER F’n MIND at Jasmine’s restaurant, but her emotions boiled over – and then some. She tears up recalling how scared she was during Penny’s surgery, and how disappointed she is in both Tonya and Elena for not being there for her. Especially Tonya, whose own daughter went through the same surgery as a baby. Whaaa? #NotCoolLittleBoss! Jasmine vows to “drop everything” to be there for Terra whenever she needs her in the future. So, will they be the new besties on the block now? Interesting. 

In an effort to play nice with her ex-hubby Leif, Briana and Matt meet him out for lunch. They discuss Leiana’s joint custody schedule, which is apparently a point of contention. The tension hangs thickly between them, so Matt decides this is the perfect opportunity to b*tch about Briana’s family to Leif. Because if anyone knows appropriate, it’s Matt. Leif says family is family, and they need to perhaps go to therapy to work through their totally juvenile issues. If for no one else’s sake, then do it for Leiana, people! Matt’s all, “He wouldn’t do it! I can see it all over his face!” But from where I sit, Leif’s face reads as follows: “Grow. The. Eff. Up.”

Matt’s Ubiquitous Blue Shirt has transformed magically into a Matt’s Casual Blue T-shirt, which he sports walking along the pier with Briana. They debrief from lunch with Leif, who is just another person on the loooooooong list of judgmental, unaccepting people in their teenage dream romance. #BieberFever! #LoveYourself! Talk turns to their wedding, which they want to be “dark” like them. Mmmmkay. Dark Blue Shirts, then? Briana doesn’t want to think about whether her family will be invited or not. Because denial is fun!

Hoping to bond over food, Christy and Terra prepare the fixins’ for Christy’s pizza-making party. Jasmine, Elena, and Tonya arrive to Terra’s cold shoulder. Elena wants to take Terra aside to fix things, remembering how Terra confided in Elena first when she was pregnant herself. Briana arrives, joining Elena and Tonya at one table while Christy, Terra, and Jasmine quarantine themselves at the other. 

Each mini-army closes ranks until they finally all sit down at one big table while the pizzas bake. Tonya immediately, and sincerely, apologizes to Terra for not being supportive during Penny’s surgery. She promises it will NEVER happen again. Terra says she was disappointed and expected more. She tears up when Elena apologizes next, who admits she feels “so stupid” for not being a good friend to her. Terra says she loves the two of them like sisters and wants to feel that love in good times and bad. 

In a shocking move, Elena extends an olive branch Jasmine’s way next, asking if they can meet one-on-one sometime soon to resolve their issues. Jasmine accepts. Thank GAWD. Maybe it’s the pregnancy glow, maybe it’s the need to lay down that heavy sword of resentment. But whatever it is, Elena is finally playing nice. And Jasmine’s grace in accepting her olive branch is also impressive. Good job, little mamas!

Cut to the dinner itself! Whoa, we’re already here? Okay. Let’s roll with it! Jasmine and Elena are barely seated before Jasmine apologizes again for not inviting Elena to her “mommy party.” Elena finally lets it go. They discuss babies next (uh oh!), and Elena admits she and Preston are “trying” right now. Even though they’re on better terms now, Elena is not about to spill the pregnancy beans to Jasmine first. They instead discuss Jasmine’s form of dwarfism, and how much Chris has loved her through all of her challenges. Jasmine encourages Elena that she and Preston will also find an even better world of love open up to them when they have a baby. (Or two babies!) 

From real babies to fake babies, we travel across town to a baby CPR class. Christy, her mom, and Todd all practice their CPR skills on their requisite plastic baby. Todd’s doing a bang-up job, but Christy micromanages anyway. Because: she’s Christy. She reiterates her fear that Todd will die from his obesity, which Todd says he’s okay hearing over and over and over. But he fires back that Christy can stand to lose a few pounds herself. These words spark an argument about sleep apnea and death and – eventually – even being married to one another. All of these words are spoken/yelled by Christy, of course.

Christy cries that the adoption process is futile until Todd takes care of his weight issue. Her mom calls her bluff: “So what are you gonna do? Kick him out!?” Christy just stares with her mouth hanging open. No, she’s not going to kick him out. But she can’t be his wife and his mom. Christy’s mom astutely points out that, on some level, all wives are their husband’s moms. TRUE DAT, Christy’s mom! It’s up to Todd to make these changes in himself, though, just as it was up to Christy to get sober – for herself. Shame doesn’t create change, Christy. Dial that nagging back and see what happens, I say.


We end at Elena’s OB/GYN, where her positive pregnancy test is confirmed. As they look at the ultrasound, their doctor tells them to “brace themselves” for some unexpected news though. Elena asks if everything is okay? I think we all know the answer to that! 


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