Tour Group’s Michelle Harvey Spills Tea On Former Friendship With Brandi Glanville

Bravo’s newest show Tour Group premiered this week and so far it’s good.  A little bit of a drama mixed with a whole lot of travel porn!  One of the show’s stars, former model Michelle Harvey, is opening up about her link to other Bravo reality stars.  In an interview with AfterBuzz, she spills tea on how she was almost cast on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and shares that Brandi Glanville USED to be her friend.

Michelle reveals that she filmed a pilot for a reality show revolving around former models (but never got picked up) that also starred Brandi Glanville and Kristen Taekman and a few others. 

Michelle shared, “I did a pilot show. It was called Model Behaviors. It was done years ago.” She then reveals that she almost joined the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, “There were a couple of key players on that show that wanted me to be on the show but God does for us what we can’t do for ourselves. It wouldn’t have played out well for me. Now it would be a different story, now that certain cast members are gone, but it wouldn’t have played out well for me. The gauntlet that I would’ve had to run would’ve been with a vicious, vicious person that doesn’t hold back, and there are children involved.” She then explains that things might be said and just because they’re said doesn’t make them true, but kids don’t understand that and “some people don’t have accountability for that. I wasn’t willing to put myself in that firing. I would’ve come out missing an arm. Now it might be different.”

She’s asked if the person she’s referring to is Brandi Glanville and she confirms it. “I just don’t have any desire to be anywhere near somebody that is so negative.” She says that she’d love the opportunity to join RHOBH now because “the women that are there are lovely and I don’t have a history with them so it would be an organic situation. And yeah, the situation with my ex-husband makes me a lot more qualified than a lot of those people.” Michelle adds, “I would be willing and open to that if it was open to me.” She says she does know some of the Beverly Hills stars peripherally because Beverly Hills is somewhat of a “small town.”

Michelle is asked if her history with Brandi will come up on Tour Group. She says not really Brandi specifically but then explains that when she was going through a not so great patch in her life, a lot of long time friends showed just how vapid they were and jumped ship.

Michelle and Brandi have a lot in common – like ex-husbands!  Michelle happens to be the ex-wife Darin Harvey, the man who Brandi drunkenly married in Vegas way back when.  Michelle says of the quickie marriage, “She did it just to spite me. It was ridiculous. I mean our friendship was twelve years.” Declaring, “This is very little known. I think that she got desperate. She thought she was going to be the next Mrs. Harvey, and so she did that.”  Michelle reveals that she and Darin are incredibly close and he saw how she handled herself through everything and they even vacation together with their 11 year old son.  Michelle also explains more about what happened to the friendship after Brandi’s divorce from Eddie Cibrian (around the 23 minute mark and on in the video- it’s worth the watch). 

Will they ever patch things up? “Look at the career that I’ve built and what I’m doing and look at the mess that she created. I don’t need to defend myself. I’m just going to say, just because she says it, doesn’t make it true.”

Check out her full interview below.  I have to say that after watching her on this interview, I’ll see her differently on Tour Group.

Who wants to start the stopwatch to see how long it takes Brandi to hop on Twitter to slam Michelle’s comments in this interview?  Who else is hoping the pilot footage for Model Behaviors makes its way to YouTube!!!??


Photo Credit:  Tommy Garcia/Bravo