Ryan Serhant Denies Accusations That He Buys Instagram Likes

Ryan Serhant is often seen dishing it out to his Million Dollar Listing New York co-stars Luis D. Ortiz and Fredrik Eklund, but in last week’s episode they were seen giving it right back..sort of. Ryan admits that he’s been mean to his co-stars, but he’s never lied about them the way they did about him. Ryan was accused of buying Instagram likes and he’s not too happy about it.

He shares, “Well this was an interesting episode.”  He was glad that we got to see his team in action and gives them a lot of credit for how hard they work.  “I was excited to watch the beginning of the 38 West 87th storyline, as it is one of my favorites, but then I saw the little coffee scene between Fredrik and Luis.”

He continues, “In five years of doing this show, I’ve never lied about either of my castmates. Have I said mean things? Yes. Have I handled myself poorly in some situations? Of course. Have I learned from those moments and tried to grow from them? 100%. But I have never resorted to petty lying to make myself feel better.”

Ryan denies the accusations that he’s paying for Instagram likes or is involved in any other type of social media fakery. “I have a decent social media presence for someone on television. I use it as a way to promote business, my favorite charities, and those I love. I also think of it as a visual diary. Emilia and I always talk about how crazy it would be if we could just go online and see what our parents were doing on a random day in the 70s. How mind-blowing would that be? Our kids will be able to do that, and that’s exciting for us as we prepare to get married and start a family.”


“But apparently, no matter what you do, there will be people who question your integrity, your intentions, and…the quality of your social media followers? I apologize if some of my followers have no friends (if you’re reading this and you’re one of them, please DM me and I will follow you back). For the record, I do not “buy likes”. That’s stupid, and I’m going to leave it at that. If I did buy likes, I would definitely buy millions of them so I could compete with Kylie Jenner. I remember every single dollar I’ve ever made, and that’s the last place I would ever spend my money.

He has some advice for his castmates, “I would suggest that if you’re so upset about how well I’m doing, to maybe stop spending so much time in coffee shops in Brooklyn on a Tuesday afternoon talking about me.”

He jokes, “Oh and I just checked, my Mom has zero posts and five followers (my brothers and sisters) and she always “likes” my posts. She’s on retainer though. Now you know. So while my buddies talk about me behind my back about how I buy and sell followers, I will be busy buying and selling real estate – around them – in circles.”

So there you have it.


Photo Credit: Instagram