Sonja Morgan Doesn’t Know If She’s Invited To Luann de Lesseps’ Wedding; Fredrik Eklund May Not Attend Ryan Serhant’s

Tonight’s episode of Watch What Happens Live featured a pretty laid back Sonja Morgan and an always adorable Fredrik Eklund. Amy Schumer was originally scheduled to be there with Ramona, but Amy had a throat issue and is hoping to make an appearance next week, where Ramona is now scheduled.

They jump right in with questions. Is Sonja helping Luann de Lesseps plan her wedding? “We do spend a lot of time talking about it. She is over the moon excited.” Andy mentions that Sonja dated Lu’s guy, “That’s right, so I know both very well.” And she confirms that Ramona dated him, too. “It’s going to be very interesting, you’ll have to watch.”

Did Sonja know Jules before the show and what does she think of her calling the women elderly? “I guess when you’re as young as Jules you find us elderly, but she shouldn’t knock it til she gets to my age. I’m enjoying it.” She does admit that she’s known Jules for a while because Sonja (and Fredrik) is good friends with one of Jules’ husband’s friends.

A caller asks Fredrik if he’s going to get an invite to Ryan Serhant’s wedding. Fredrik said that he got a “maybe” from Ryan. He thinks their wedding is in July, so there’s time. Sonja chimed in to say that they should wait to decide until after the reunion tapes because things can change. “Look at me and Luann. I don’t know if I’ll be invited to her wedding either!”  Fredrik says that weddings are holy and he doesn’t want to disturb that and maybe it’s better if he doesn’t go.


What did Sonja think when she heard Ramona say she was avoiding her because of her actions with alcohol and men? Sonja laughs, “I don’t think Ramona should be talking about that because I’ve defending Ramona for almost 30 years for her behavior. And I’m certainly invited places where they’re always whispering ‘don’t tell Ramona because we didn’t invite her.'”

Would Fredrik and Derek pose for Playgirl together? Fredrik cracks up, “I did that already! I did that like 20 years ago. I had centerfolds.” Andy is surprised that he didn’t know this already and Fredrik tells him to Google it.

Fredrik is asked who he’d rather – Ryan or Luis. He gets flustered a bit but says that Luis would be his pick because he had a Puerto Rican boyfriend once.

A viewer asks Sonja if she voted in the NY primary yesterday and if she voted for Trump. “I’m not gonna tell you who I voted for but I did vote.”

Andy asks if Sonja ever lists her townhouse if she’d use Fredrik for an agent. He says that Sonja actually has contacted him already. She says she likes to know what’s what in the market right now. Andy asks if she’d list her townhouse for around $7 million? She screeches, “What?! I had it listed for $12 million before my reorganization and became a victim to the world.”

What’s her relationship status with Ramona? “Well, you know she is my BFF, we’ll always be close. She froze me out a little bit, so that gave me more time to be LuSonja.”

Andy says they got a lot of Tweets feeling like it’s Sonja and Luann versus the rest of the girls this season. “At first it did and you have to watch the show because I do wanna get connected with the girls again. Enough about my businesses.”

Poll of the night: Whose side are you on – Bethenny or John?  85% chose Bethenny.


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