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The network has finally heard my prayers. Thank you, TLC, for only subjecting us to an hour of Sister Wives last night. It’s much more fun to watch when I don’t have to see the same story dragging on for two hours on a Sunday. Plus, Kody Brown’s hair is so special and magical, it doesn’t need to risk overexposure to the fans. Same goes for Meri’s catfishing wet bar! 

The Browns are expecting seventy people for Thanksgiving–you know that means! It’s a reason for a party! Janelle and Meri will be decorating for the holiday after a successful first counseling session, and Christine and Robyn plan to sit back and stay out of the way. Christine is actually less annoying and completely reasonable this season. Who knew that would happen?


As Meri reflects on her therapy session with Janelle, she cites the two have a working sister wives relationship but no real friendship. She’s not sure how long that will take to change, or if the two will ever actually be friends. To me, she doesn’t seem to care. Meanwhile, Kody is recycling the lights from their commitment ceremony to surprise Hunter when he comes home for the holiday. He’s been away the longest, and it’s been five months since he’s been hanging out on the cul-de-sac compound. Funny how editing works, isn’t it? Hunter was just on last week’s episode when his brother decided to join the National Guard.  

Christine notes that they are putting in extra emphasis on Thanksgiving this year because everyone will be able to attend. They’re not sure if the entire family will be able to come home for Christmas this year. Kody thinks it will only take him three hours to hang the lights, but his sister wives have a pool going. Christine is betting on nine hours, and Janelle believes it’s going to take at least a couple of days. Speaking of Janelle, she heads to to Meri’s to begin planning for the Thanksgiving decorations. Upon arriving to Meri’s House of Crafts, Janelle realizes that the planning has been completed, and Meri is in full decoration creation mode. She’s taken over everything, and Janelle is disappointed that she didn’t have any input.

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Christine is beyond excited to help Kody hang the lights, and she knows that Hunter is going to be thrilled to see the finished product. He recognizes the importance of family now that he is away at Air Force Academy prep school. Kody is scaling buildings and teetering on ladders to get the cables up, but because the lines are so tangled, they have to put the project on hold when night falls. So far, Janelle seems on target to win the pool…

The following day, Meri brings over boxes and boxes of crafting supplies to Janelle’s house. Janelle has spray-painted some cans for the centerpieces, and Meri bites her tongue when she sees the crappy, sloppy job her sister wife has done. However, staying silent is a major win for Meri as she’d normally call out Janelle for such an infraction. Janelle is also struggling because she feels that she is being told what to do instead of included in the decision-making process. She’s moping about the prospect of gluing seventy (that’s SEVEN-ZERO, people!) napkin rings.

The wind is causing Christine and Kody’s project to be more difficult than anticipated. I wonder how much life insurance is on Kody and who the beneficiaries are. He’s balancing on the tip top of the ladder as Christine braces it against the wind. One false move and he’s going to face plant right smack dab in the middle of the cul-de-sac compound. Christine is glad that she’s the only wife watching this because she knows that others would make sure he stopped immediately. She doesn’t get freaked out when Kody risks his life in the name of a family celebration. Perhaps we know who may stand to gain the most if he kicks the bucket.

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Meri and Janelle have enlisted some of the children to help with the decorations, and the group has a good laugh over Janelle ordering new Christmas stockings for herself and her kids. She’s even remembered the family dog and got a stocking for Logan’s girlfriend of nine months. Is there anyone Janelle could possibly be missing? Kody feigns anger, but he knows this is how it goes in a plural marriage. Plus, he doesn’t care as he’s too busy spending time with his real wife, Robyn. She’s got the most amazing idea to split Solomon’s bedroom in half (right down to the curtains) to create a blue, big boy room on one side, and a girly pink nursery on the other. The sister wives are also split as to whether they think it looks good.

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Hunter returns home that evening, and upon his arrival he is mobbed by all of his siblings. It’s an emotional time for Janelle and Hunter is excited to meet his sister’s fiance for the first time. Kody sneaks out to light up the cul-de-sac compound, but he’s disappointed at the underwhelming response his lights received. There’s always the next commitment ceremony! The Thanksgiving feast is taking place at Christine’s house. The older boys and moved all her furniture and move in cafeteria style tables. They have thirty pounds of potatoes and fifty pounds of turkey. Meri opts for three long banquet style seating instead of Kody’s requested seven smaller tables. When Kody voices his (always correct) opinion, Meri blames the change on Christine who is happy to take the blame. She finds this seating more elegant anyway, and her happy pills are so good, she can’t be mad at Meri, and Kody can’t get mad at her. It’s a win-win! 


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