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Brandi Glanville Talks About Her Connection With Calum Best & Smoking With Snoop Dogg

Famously Single hasn’t even premiered yet (a few hours to go) and I can already tell that there’s a ton of chemistry between Brandi Glanville and Calum Best based on Brandi’s latest Watch What Happens Live appearance– where it was blatantly obvious that there was something going on with the two of them.

And now both of them are doing press for the show, so of course Brandi was hinting at a possible hookup relationship with Calum. Personally, I’m just hoping that this dude is the one since Brandi previously said that she would only go back to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills if she had a partner– but, I’ve digressed. My point is that Brandi has had a lot to say about Calum these days.


In an interview with Female First, Brandi answered a lot of questions about her possible new boyfriend. And apparently she wasn’t feeling him at first because she said, “Calum is very handsome and charming, but right off the bat he seemed the opposite of my type. I’ve never been attracted to a blonde guy and I’ve never really been into tattoos, Josh [Murray] was more my type looks-wise, I figured I’d end up with a crush on him.”

But now the two are super connected since Brandi said, “we could literally have conversations with just our eyes.” I don’t even know what to make of that one. Brandi also explained that she was very comfortable getting to know him on camera and even managed to sneak in a shameless plug for her career as an author: “I’ve been on reality TV now for about six years and I honestly forget the cameras are there most of the time. I put every detail of my life, the good the bad and the ugly, in both my New York Times bestselling books, Drinking and Tweeting and Drinking and Dating, following up with a third very soon here.” I wonder what this one will be about, but I’m going to assume that it will have the word “drinking” in its title.

I was under the impression that there was a casual relationship going on between the two of them, but Brandi said, “Calum and I had some CRAZY, CRAZY, CRAZY moments, but we became closer through them,” so maybe there is more to it than people suspect.

That very well could be true because when asked about her upcoming plans, the last sentence Brandi said in that interview was “Oh, and Calum’s coming to visit…”So she is either really good at promoting this show or the two are in a long distance relationship.

The true status of Brandi and Calum’s interaction is still a little vague, but Brandi made it a point to clear up one dating rumor: “That I was dating Snoop Dogg. I’m a super fan of his and have met him a couple times. I joked once that we were BFFs because I smoked with him on Kocktails with Khloe, but no idea where that came from.” That is something that should have been filmed for the show. Maybe Kocktails With Khloe would still be on TV.

Famously Single premieres tonight on E! at 10/9c.


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