Brandi Glanville Furious At Mike Shouhed; Shervin Says He Believes GG Has R.A. And So much More On WWHL

Tonight Watch What Happens Live returned after a two week break. Andy’s guests were Brandi Glanville and Shervin Roohparvar. Brandi blasts back at Mike Shouhed over a crazy Tweet and dishes on Yolanda Hadid having her tonsils removed, while Shervin talks about Golnesa’s illness and more.

After the crazy episode of Shahs of Sunset, Andy told Shervin that GG was Tweeting, saying that he needed a lesson in vocabulary – words like loyalty.  (she has since deleted the Tweet).  Shervin replied, “Golnesa has a certain way with words. She has her own definitions, we have ours. Sometimes they don’t meet eye to eye. She comes from a good place. Sometimes loyalty means telling you something you don’t want to hear.”

Andy asks if it was a surprise to see what went down between Mike and Jessica? Shervin says not just for him, but for the rest of the group, too. “We knew there were some issues between them, but at the same time we gave them some space.”

Andy asks if Shervin thinks Mike cheated and he says no. Shervin says he’s seen Mike at his bachelor party and such and says he’s done nothing.

Brandi disagrees. “I watch the show, too. There’s something behind what she’s saying. She’s protecting him because she loves him, but yes, he’s not good for her.” Shervin continues defending Mike, saying he’s a flirt. Brandi says you can’t be a flirt when you’re married. Shervin says Jessica knows this (flirty) being with him for five years.  “She knows what she’s getting into.” Brandi says “no, that’s not okay.”

Andy plays a montage of the RHOBH reunion, showing the ladies’ reactions to Brandi’s taped segment. Andy shares that he got a lot of crap over it and that he was told by fans he shouldn’t have allowed her to come back for that.  He asks her why she wanted to be able to say her piece at the reunion. “I watch the show, obviously. I was friends with all of them at one point or another but to have them blaming me for all of the world’s problems and not having that voice back. You know me, I have to say something. So, I was like ‘I will do this, with me talking’ but I didn’t want to be there and have them come at me for no reason. I wanted to see them turn on each other, which is what they did.”

Andy asks Brandi her take on a variety of RHOBH things.

On Lisa Rinna being enraged by Yolanda’s illness: “I’m enraged by Rinna’s hair, so she needs to stop.”

On Kyle and Kim working on their relationship and agreeing Brandi needs to be left out of it. “I think that’s beautiful and exactly what should happen. Leave me out of it.”

What did she think of Yolanda and David’s divorce? Did she know they were having problems? “I promised Yolanda I would never talk about this.”

What did she think of Ken calling Lisa Rinna a wanker and a stupid bitch? “Ken is aggressive and I love Ken but he needs to calm it down when it comes to the ladies. He’s a little bitch.”

What does she think about the ladies except Kyle saying that Lisa Vanderpump is manipulative? “Kyle has said it and Kyle called her Bobby Fisher before. It is what it is.”

They then turn to Shervin and his painful lack of dating game. Andy asks how many dates before he’ll sleep with a woman. Shervin didn’t know there was a waiting period. Brandi asks him if he’s ever slept with a woman at all. She then says she thinks he’s gay.

Does Shervin always pay on a date? “Yes, always.”

Brandi then chimes back in to say she was joking with Shervin about the gay comment.

On Shervin making fun of his dates, “It’s my personality. I like to joke around. You guys see little bits and clips of it on the show. It’s different, trust me. You want somebody playful.”

Brandi on being in a good place with LeAnn: “Yeah, I mean how long can you be in a bad place? It’s been seven years. Some things went down with my children and we had to come together and be adults, so we did and it’s cool.”

A caller asks Shervin how he can question GG’s R.A. when she’s had a joint replaced and is on serious meds. “I do very much believe she has R.A. I was there during her surgery. She definitely has it. Sometimes she uses certain power words that gives you a different feeling about it.” Brandi asks if he means GG is trying to get sympathy. But Shervin says “I don’t think it’s for sympathy. This is her world. She’s going through something none of us can relate to.  She hears these words and they’re scary and then she shares these words that are scary, so obviously the people hearing it are scared. That’s the whole purpose of these words.”  Um, “scared” friends don’t accuse you of not having the disease at all.  Skeptical ones do.

A caller asks how Kim Richards is doing. Brandi says “Kim is doing great. She just had knee surgery. She’s about to be a grandma. We’re neighbors so I see Kim all the time. The only with Kim is she comes after Jake for kisses and he’s nine and he does not want Kim’s kisses.”

Mike Shouhed Tweeted (and Andy read it of course) and it said “Brandi tried to get me with me last time I was on WWHL and she’s mad that I said no.”  Brandi is dying over this. “Are you effing serious? He puts lifts in shoes and I had a boyfriend with me backstage. He is TRIPPIN’. I have never in my life been attracted to him, I thought he was obnoxious.”  This is the first time in a long time that I agree with everything Brandi has to say. Mike was a total tool during that appearance.

The next caller asks Shervin if he and GG have hooked up. He says no way, they are like brother and sister.

Does Brandi miss any of the women from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? “I don’t actually miss any of them because the ones I’m actually friends with, I talk to.” She adds, “Yo just had her tonsils out on Friday but she’s so good and she’s almost better, until the tonsils came out. She is feeling 100.”

The poll question was should Brandi and Shervin hook up? 58% said NO.


Photo Credit: Bravo TV