Abby Lee Miller Pleads Guilty & Faces Jail Time For 20 Charges Of Fraud & Violating Currency Reporting Laws

It seems like there is always some drama when Abby Lee Miller is involved. And no, I’m not referring to her feuding with the mothers on her show Dance Moms. Abby is in some serious trouble these days.

The fans saw Abby breaking down and getting all kinds of erratic during the latest season of Dance Moms and it really seemed like a lot of her antics stemmed from stressing out over her legal drama. Now shit is getting really since Abby pleaded guilty to twenty different fraud charges and for violating currency reporting laws.


It will definitely be interesting to see how things end up for Abby now that she has submitted her guilty plea. It is possible that Abby could serve twenty four to thirty years behind bars although her lawyers asked for a maximum of six months behind bars. That is definitely a huge discrepancy in the possible amount of jail time, so it will be crazy to see what happens when she is finally sentenced on October 11.

And the possibility of jail time isn’t the only thing that Abby has to worry about. She will also have to pay for an “amount of loss” that will be determined at the sentencing in the Fall.

Not only that, but more details about Abby’s supposed crimes have come out. For instance, texts from Abby saying “We have all this foreign cash” and “Need a little money laundering” are a part of the evidence against her. She also allegedly had people sneak $120,000 from Australia via plastic bags. So if Abby is some kind of crime lord, she is definitely not the most high tech one.

If the Dance Moms cast members have a group chat, I am sure it’s popping off today. I would love to know what all the mothers and dancers think about the latest developments in the case against Abby.


[Photo Credits: Lifetime]