Jennifer Lopez Has A New Reality Show In The Works

I jumped the gun when it came to my excitement in response to the news that Jennifer Lopez has a new reality TV show in the works. I was hoping that we would get a behind-the-scenes look at her taking care of the twins in between her Las Vegas performances, but it is not that kind of show.

JLo’s show is not even going to be about her. It is actually a dance competition show – which is not too shocking since JLo is super private these days and we all know about her extensive dance background. I’m just a little confused though since it’s not like there’s some shortage of dance competition shows in reality TV. With that said, I can’t help wondering how this show will be different.


According to CINEMABLENDJLo’s new show is called World of Dance and is set to air ten episodes on NBC. The competition winner will get a $1 million prize. It really isn’t too different from previous dance shows, but there are less requirements for the contestants. There will be two age categories: one for contestants under sixteen and one for contestants who are over sixteen. I’m not sure what that means for contestants who actually are sixteen, but I’m sure this will be clarified.

There is no restriction on who can enter the competition – individual dancers, pairs, and groups will all be vying for the same prize.

The real question that I have is how involved Jennifer will be? Is she just a producer behind-the-scenes? Will she be a judge? Will she be the host? Will she be mentoring the contestants? To keep it real, this show is only going to do well if we get to see JLo in front of the camera, so let’s hope that’s what ends up happening. If that’s not the case, I’m not sure who’s going to watch this when there are so many reality TV dance shows out there already.


Photo Credit: Instagram