Meghan Edmonds Disappointed With Jim Throughout The IVF Process & Pregnancy

Surely I’m not the only one who feels vicariously awkward watching Meghan Edmonds interact with her husband Jim Edmonds on Real Housewives of Orange County. He has never seemed super supportive of her, but I have always hoped that he just got a bad edit, that only captured his less flattering moments. 

Now that Meghan’s main story line this season is about her quest to get pregnant through IVF, I feel so bad watching Jim’s total lack of enthusiasm and support for his wife. He does not seem to be interested in anything she has to say or how she was feeling throughout the tough medical ordeal. This had to be very hurtful to Meghan, and now it’s even worse for her since she’s probably so embarrassed about that being on TV.


Instead of blindly defending her husband like most Housewives tend to do when a less-than-perfect relationship is portrayed on TV, Meghan actually called out her husband in a Bravo blog entry.

Meghan was very straight up when she wrote, “I was really disappointed in Jimmy’s lack of sentiment throughout my IVF process. And honestly, there were moments I was questioning if getting pregnant was even the right choice.”

Poor Meghan. That is an absolutely horrible thing to feel especially when she was going through so much medical and emotional distress.

It’s clear that Meghan thinks things are a little better these days since she wrote: “Now that I am pregnant Jim is so happy and excited for our baby girl to come, but at the same time I still think he’s removed. He’s more excited about decorating the nursery and buying a stroller: things that are needed for a real life baby, not one in utero.”

Ummm, what? This guy has multiple kids already, so I find it odd and disheartening that he is so removed from the pregnancy process. On top of that, even if Jim finds it difficult to care about a baby that isn’t born yet, it’s so awful that he is not being more supportive of his wife.

Then Meghan tried to justify Jim’s lack of emotion when she wrote: “He just isn’t going through the hormones and emotions like I have been and I know as soon as our baby girl arrives, he’ll fall in love and be just as excited as I am. Maybe it’s like our new puppy, Girly Girl. He didn’t want her at all! Now that we have her though, he dotes on her more than me and even wants to wake up for the middle of the night potty breaks!”

I get what Meghan was going for here, but she shouldn’t have to compare a man having a daughter to when he got a puppy – especially when he already has kids and knows how this whole thing works!

Even though Meghan is far from being the most entertaining Housewife, she is definitely one of the nicest and she doesn’t deserve this lack of support – not that any pregnant woman actually does deserve this. Hopefully Jim can get it together ASAP. Meghan and their daughter deserve more.


Photo Credit: Bravo