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Meghan Edmonds Thinks Peggy Sulahian Was Out Of Line With Tamra Judge

Real Housewives of Orange County alum Meghan Edmonds has been going through a tough time in her personal life. Since leaving the show for a more laid-back life, Meghan’s life has been anything but relaxed.

Meghan and her husband, Jim Edmonds, share daughter Aspen, who is 2-years-old, and twins Hart and Hayes, who are one-year-old. Meghan and Jim were side by side at the hospital when Hart received an MRI to see whether he had a neurological disease. Sadly, the family received a devastating diagnosis.  Hart has been diagnosed with a type of irreversible brain damage that is called PVL.

Meghan Edmonds Is Giving Herself “Space To Grieve” Amid Cheating Scandal

Real Housewives of Orange County alum Meghan Edmonds is due for a breather. Seriously. Her marriage to Jim Edmonds is on shaky ground right now.

RHOC viewers watched Meghan go through IVF with little support from her disinterested husband. Meghan finally fulfilled her wish to become a mother when she gave birth to their daughter Aspen in 2016. Then, Meghan and Jim welcomed twin boys, Hart and Hayes, in June of 2018. It looked like Meghan’s life was perfect.

Meghan Edmonds

Okay guys, let’s join hands and take a nice cleansing breath. Most of the time reality television news can be snarky and fun. Then occasional stories appear that aren’t so humorous. Meghan Edmonds knows this. The former Real Housewives of Orange County star has suffered some devastating blows. She is currently dealing with Jim Edmonds’ confession of having an “inappropriate relationship” with another woman. Admittedly heartbroken, Meghan has been pushing through.

More often than not, it’s embarrassing or degrading for a celebrity who has messed up. What we sometimes forget is, that even though story lines can be producer-driven, we are dealing with actual human beings. Meghan has been suffering over her husband’s recent and public (alleged) infidelity. She is also the mom of three. She had daughter, Aspen, in 2016 and welcomed twin boys Hart and Hayes in 2018. Now Megan is facing a new battle. She has joined a club with a brutal initiation. Whether you like Megs or not, it time to let go of past frustrations and rally.

Meghan Edmonds

Former Real Housewives of Orange County star, Meghan Edmonds has had a rough go. Recently, she spent a nerve-wracking day at the hospital with her son, Hart. Meghan shared with her Instagram followers that he was in the hospital for an MRI. Thankfully, the results were good. The hospital visit was made awkward given Jim Edmonds’ presence. The week prior to this event, news of Jim’s sexting scandal broke.

If you’ve been living outside of Bravo-land, Jimmy “Dad Jeans” Edmonds was caught sexting another woman five years into their marriage. All while Meghan was pregnant with their twins. It’s safe to say, Meghan has her hands full with the couple’s three young children. Her daughter Aspen is two, and twins Hart and Hayes are one. Everyone, including the OG of the OC, Vicki Gunvalson, has had something to say. This scandal is not dying down. Especially because the other woman has now been identified.

Meghan King Edmonds And Jim Edmonds Unite At Hospital As Son, Hart, Gets An MRI

Can Meghan Edmonds please catch a break?! The Real Housewives of Orange County alum certainly has had a rough go lately. With husband, Jim Edmonds’ cheating scandal being the primary issue. In case you haven’t heard the news, Jimmy “Dad Jeans” Edmonds was caught sexting another woman. To add insult to injury, Jim was sexting like a pathetic high-schooler while Meghan was pregnant with their twins. No wonder she isn’t wearing her ring.

Originally, Jim denied the allegations and even attempted to play the victim. Meghan, being the super strong, cancer-scamming detective she is, immediately shot down Jimmy’s victim card. She shared, “I do not fault any other person except my husband. There are so many people out there with bad intentions and it’s our responsibility to ignore and rise above. One slimy person doesn’t make another person cheat.” Telling the truth, MKE! The couple is, however, trying to work on their issues. It looks like now they’ll have to bond together since they’ve unfortunately encountered another blow to the family unit.

Former Real Housewives of Orange County Meghan King Edmonds Is Missing Her Wedding Ring In Latest Photo

Real Housewives of Orange County’s former cast member Meghan Edmonds may have hinted at the current state of her marriage to Jim Edmonds.  And it’s not looking good.

Meghan recently posted a photo of herself minus one important bauble.  Her wedding ring, and the internet is buzzing with questions. Has she given up on their marriage?

Meghan Edmonds Responds To Jim Edmonds Cheating Scandal

‘Ole Jim Bob Dad Jeans Edmonds has gotten himself into a bit of hot water. Jimmy isn’t exactly burdened by the anchor of loyalty. It has recently been discovered he has been engaging in extremely inappropriate text conversations with another woman. Problem is, Jim has been married to former Real Housewives of Orange County detective star, Megan Edmonds since 2014. The couple share twin sons, and daughter Aspen.

Jimbo has always traveled a lot for his career. Spending time away from his wife and family spawned rumors of infidelity. ALLEGEDLY he has always been a cheater never been much of a one-woman man. Now Jim has been caught with his pants down, both figuratively and literally. In the aftermath, Meghan is dealing with the betrayal, and navigating it with three small children. Jim has called his indiscretion a “lapse in judgement”, and Meghan is sharing her feelings on his stupidity actions.

Meghan Edmonds

Blast from the past, Meghan Edmonds, was recently spotted filming Season 14 of  Real Housewives of Orange County. Meghan left RHOC in 2018 to focus on her brand new twins and daughter Aspen. Along with husband and dad-jeans connoisseur, Jim Edmonds, the couple packed up their candles kids and relocated to Meghan’s hometown of St.Louis.

Love her or hate her, she will always be the obsessed detective who uncovered one of the OC’s most controversial scandals. Is Meghan now regretting her decision to leave the spotlight? Does she plan on returning to discover more subterfuge and trickery?