Police Officials Speak Up About The Alexa Curtin Suit

This is an insensitive thing to say, but I’ll never understand why Lynne Curtin is not a cast member on Real Housewives of Orange County anymore. There is always something dramatic going on with her family. Unfortunately, her daughter Alexa Curtin has been arrested for a DUI

Recently, Alexa filed a suit after she got pulled over at a traffic stop in April 2014 and alleged that she was raped. Now Orange County police officials are speaking out about her accusation.


Things are not looking good for Alexa these days. Alexa waved her right to have anonymity in the case because she wanted to encourage other victims of the police officer to feel comfortable coming forward. Now, Daily Mail is reporting that Orange County has demanded that her lawsuit get thrown out.

Alexa was pulled over and a deputy officer began questioning her. Alexa’s lawsuit states: “The Deputy searched Plaintiff’s vehicle. Plaintiff had some of her clothing in her vehicle. While searching… the Deputy found some of Plaintiff’s underwear and began inappropriately questioning Plaintiff about her underwear, asking if the underwear belonged to her, how many pairs she had, why she needed the underwear, etc.”

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Then Alexa says that the Deputy left to attend to a “more pressing matter,” but asked her to remain where she was. He returned to the scene, but was out of his uniform. The suit also states that the Deputy said,”Since you are still here, I am going to f**k the s**t out of you. Show me your p***y.”  Just, wow. Those are some serious allegations.

In contrast, Orange County denies all the allegations and also admits that the department doesn’t have “sufficient knowledge or information about the alleged incident.” The county also wants the judge to order that it is not liable for any damages if Alexa wins her case.

This whole case is very sad and it to be very stressful for everyone in involved. Hopefully justice will be served and the truth will come out.


Photo Credit: Twitter