Botched By Nature recap

Who tuned in to watch the premiere of Botched by Nature last night? Did you get teary? Were you lusting after that froyo? Isn’t Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif’s bromance just the bee’s knees? In case you’d forgotten (I’ll never forget!), I got to interview both gentleman about the show, and I still don’t think I’ve quite recovered from the adorableness of it all! Naturally, I was super excited to get to recap the new season for y’all. So let’s get started, shall we? 

Last night’s episode featured Sabrina and Nate, and had the doctors heading to Vegas (baby!) and California farmland. Their road trip begins in Las Vegas to meet with Sabrina who suffered dramatic weight loss due to an autoimmune disorder. After feeling insure about her flatter chest, Sabrina opted for implants. However, because of her ulcerative colitis (I’m going to be googling how to spell medical terms all season!) which affects her colon and large intestine, the implants were pushed far up her chest into an awkward and painful position. Sabrina is thrilled to meet the doctors, and Terry introduces himself as “Terry Dubrow” to Sabrina and her friends, while Paul is more formal with his “I’m Dr. Nassiff.” 


Before getting down to business, Terry teases Paul about having the same body type as Elvis Presley to which Paul retorts that Terry looks like the love child of Quagmire and the Pope. An adorable love child, maybe! Boob man Terry steps up to the plate, noting that Sabrina’s colitis diagnosis came at a very young age. When she noticed her implants shifting up, she went back to her plastic surgeon who blamed it on her excessive workout routine. Terry and Paul are shocked. With her autoimmune disorder, the first diagnosis should have been that her body was rejecting the implants. Terry wants to remove the implants, but he warns that she still won’t have the full, perky breasts she wants. He tells her she has the option of getting another set of implants, but that comes with the risk of her body rejecting them again and facing future surgeries. Which would she prefer? Sabrina wants to leave the decision up to Terry.

BBN Blizz

Wishing that Sabrina would make the choice for him, Terry decides to drown his sorrows in a pile of crepes, smoothies, and froyo at Paul’s yogurt chain Blizz. Paul complains that Terry is eating him out of house and home. What would Heather think? Terry isn’t concerned…his diet starts tomorrow. Now get this man another pizza crepe! After Sabrina’s initial consultation, the doctors head to central California to check in on Nate and his family. As the men drive into the country, Paul worries how Terry will handle himself out of the big city. The closest he’s been to cattle is when he’s chomping down on beef jerky. Terry counters that Paul has a gas issue, but Paul swears it’s the cows. False – Terry knows better, and he can’t believe the audacity of Paul trying to blame his stench on the poor cows.

Nate is an identical twin who suffered from twin-to-twin transfusion in utero where the placenta blocks the blood flow to one of the babies. Usually the affected twin doesn’t survive, but Nate did, and he was born with facial deformities, a hole in his heart, and a club foot. Nate has endured countless surgeries throughout his life, but he hasn’t let that stop him from living his life to the fullest. However, he’s self conscious about his face and believes he looks like he’s suffered a stroke. Now that he has young children, Nate is hopeful that the doctors can help him. He doesn’t want his children teased because of the way their father looks. Nate’s wife is hesitant. She loves her husband the way he is, but she wants him to feel comfortable in his own skin. That’s the nose she met him with, and she’d like for him to keep it. Of course, it causes Nate breathing issues, and she wants that fixed stat. Can I just say how much I love Nate and his family? 

BBN Nate

Examining Nate, Paul realizes he has no cartilage in his nose and a deviated septum that is blocking his airway. He suggests taking bone from Nate’s ribs to rebuild his nose. Paul wants Nate to know that he can’t promise he can cosmetically improve his nose, but he can remedy his breathing issues. Terry intervenes, asking Paul what he would do if Nate came to him as a blank slate. Paul cites he would do facial reconstruction to make Nate’s eyes more symmetrical. Nate is excited about the prospect, especially when he initially thought he was just getting a nose job. After the consultation, it’s time to really get down to business…milking cows. Paul is wearing designer leather shoes which Terry teases is disrespectful of the cows. The men struggle with the udders while making all sorts of sexual innuendo and masturbation references. Hey oh! After their tedious manual labor, they have about two ounces of milk to show for themselves.

BBN Sabrina

Back in Los Angeles, Terry is working on Sabrina. She still wants to leave the decision up to Dr. Dubrow as to whether she should get additional implants. He will make the call during surgery once he assesses her amount of scar tissue from the original implants. Upon further investigation, Terry discovers that Sabrina actually has very little scar tissue, and instead she suffers from tubular breast formation. She’s a great candidate for implants – bring on the D cups, baby! I’m not going to lie…even blurred out, I get queasy watching the surgery. Terry is happy with the results. Sabrina has doubled down on double Ds – jackpot! Next up, Nate preps for his surgery with Paul and a specialized eye surgeon. Nate’s wife is super nervous, but Nate’s nerves are numbed by the anticipation of having the face he’s always wanted. Nate’s operation is extremely intense. They are working on his face, inside his eyelids, his neck, and pulling fat and bone from other parts of his body. Paul is his own worst critic, but he’s pleased with the outcome. 

At her post-op, Sabrina is thrilled to hear that Terry was able to put in some giant tatas, and after her exam, he’s optimistic that she is going to heal and love her new chest. Nate, given the intensity of his procedures, isn’t quite as perky. He feels like he was hit by a bus…and not a party bus. Paul is happy to see that Nate is in good spirits. He checks out Nate’s incisions, and he is very excited about Nate’s outcome. Nate’s wife is glad that her husband is healing nicely, and she hopes his recovery period will be quick. 

BBN Nate 1

After she’s fully healed, Sabrina feels like a different person. She’s less stressed which is positively affecting her colitis, and she’s back to being her active self once again. Her friends are thrilled with her results and her new outlook on life. Likewise, Nate feels like a new person. Bring on the tissues! He feels confident, and his mom is beside herself. She gives a speech that leaves me just as teary as I was the first time I watched the episode. Her son was always so beautiful on the inside, and now he’s just as beautiful on the outside. Plus, his nose is functional, and he feels normal for the first time in his life. Gahhhhh, this show! I love you, doctors!


[Photo Credit: E!]