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During LaLa Kent’s short-lived time on Vanderpump Rules, the women of the cast were pretty put off by her and it honestly seemed like a lot of them were threatened by her. I can see why. She is younger than most of them. She is not the kind of person to just follow the herd. And if I’m being honest, she is really hot.

That’s why I don’t get why Lala felt the need to visit a plastic surgeon’s office. Obviously, that is her prerogative and her business, but we’ve all seen reality stars go a little far with the cosmetic procedures – cough cough Farrah Abraham. Lala may have quit the show, but she is very comfortable in front of the camera since she documented her trip to the plastic surgeon via Instagram.


Lala is far from shy, so it isn’t super surprising that she shared photos and video of her cosmetic procedures with her fans. And interestingly enough the doctor that she did work on her is reality show alum Dr. Jason Diamond from the defunct E! series Dr. 90210 – what a throwback with that reference. Lala got her lips done, facial sculpting on her chin, and Botox injections and had no issues sharing the details with her followers.

Lala Kent plastic surgeon

I would love to know who took the photo of Lala getting injected for her to put up on Instagram, but that’s not the point. To accompany the photo, Lala wrote a pretty lengthy caption to thank her doctor (for what I assume was comped cosmetic procedures). She wrote, “Thanks to this amazing Doc right here, I now have a chin and jawline and no longer have to overline the shhhh out of my lips. There was no cutting, only needles! The three things I had done were 1. The non-surgical lip enhancement 2. Diamond Facial Sculpting to my chin and jawline 3. Botox. I was nervous for the first two because I’ve never done them before. Dr. Diamond is incredible and super conservative with his technique. I’m obsessed. After pics to come!”

Lala also posted a video of her “after” with an explanation about why her procedures will make her life and makeup routine so much easier. 


A video posted by Lala (@lalakent) on

Lala is a gorgeous girl so I just hope that she doesn’t get too caught up with the enhancements.


Photo Credit: Instagram and Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

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