lwatlanta 2

On Little Women: Atlanta, the drama between the ladies has finally calmed down but that doesn’t mean you’re in store for a boring episode. There’s plenty going on to keep fanning the flames of entertainment down in the ATL. 

Monie Cashette is still reeling from ex-best friend, Minnie Ross accusing her of not being a little person. Fiancé Morlin is both supportive and thoughtful in helping Monie through this as she decides to get tested for dwarfism. She has a 10 year old son living out of state with his father and while he is average sized, if Monie has dwarfism, he will also be carrying the gene. Monie wants to find out for her son’s sake, NOT Minnie, just to make that crystal clear.


Minnie joins Bri Barlup for an exercise class and reveals she has an issue (a real one this time) involving her family. After finding out who her father is last season, Minnie also found out she has a half-sister and wants to invite her down to visit. Minnie really wants to meet her but is scared of her half-sister rejecting her, just like her father has.


Andrea Salinas and useless boyfriend/baby daddy, Chris are taking maternity pictures, complete with plastic flower crown (Andrea) and polished white sneakers (Chris). Twin sister Amanda Salinas is working hard to stay on top of Andrea’s pregnancy and relationship but that’s not sitting well with anyone. Amanda is concerned for how unsupportive and volatile Chris has been of her sister and Andrea just thinks Amanda is jealous that Chris has “stepped up”. And by “stepped up”, she means just being physically present but not really doing much else.


Minnie has her mom, Tammie, come in for a haircut and catch up. Now we know who is behind Tammie’s cockatoo hairdo – it’s her very own daughter. SMH. Minnie tells Tammie that she is thinking of meeting her half-sister and Tammie doesn’t love the idea but relents and gives Minnie her number to call her. Minnie gets Shelly on the phone and thankfully, Shelly sounds thrilled at the invite.

Emily Fernandez is still in Texas and dealing with baby JJ’s health issues. She goes to visit boyfriend Lontel’s mom and explains that JJ should get a tracheotomy so he can breathe better and catch up developmentally. Lontel isn’t on board with this level of intervention and Emily is emotional about the idea that if he isn’t supportive of her decision, then he won’t learn how to care for JJ and she will be the only one JJ can rely on after such an extensive surgery. Lontel’s mother lives on Planet Clueless and reassures Emily what a great dad Lontel is and will continue to be. Emily half-heartedly agrees but you can tell she doesn’t believe it.

Ms. Juicy is busy working on her career and meets with her publicists for an update on what’s next for her. Juicy has been offered a spread in a well-known magazine and can’t wait to show the world more of her. But she’s not content just helping her own career, she wants to extend that help to both Bri and Amanda since their other twerking halves are out of commission. While Bri explains what they do, one of the publicists immediately asks if they are strippers. Amanda is offended because apparently, there is a big difference between twerking and taking your clothes off. Maybe there is in practice but there shouldn’t be when it comes to you thinking you’re somehow morally superior to a stripper, mmmkay, Amanda? The publicist asks if they can do aerial silks or work with fire. Amanda is pissed again because what does a girl have to do around here to earn some respect for just shaking her big azz and nothing else? Once the publicists leave, Ms. Juicy invites the girls to join her for an upcoming church sermon. Amen, these ladies could use a little Jesus for sure!


It’s time for Minnie to meet her half-sister, Shelly. Shelly is emotional, sweet as pie and is genuinely happy to be meeting Minnie. Tammie shows up and this is also her first time meeting Shelly. Shelly explains a little about what she knew about Minnie and why her dad was denying her and it was coming from Minnie’s grandmother. She thinks their dad had an extra hard time accepting Minnie after the paternity results because he didn’t want to believe that he spent so much time denying a daughter that was his. Minnie really wants to try and meet her father and thinks it’s worth trying, even if she gets hurt.

Monie heads to the doctor with Morlin and Ms. Juicy in tow so she can find out what kind of dwarfism she has. The doctor can confirm by measurements alone that Monie has dwarfism but she won’t know exactly what type until the results of her bloodwork comes back in a few weeks. Ms. Juicy makes Monie promise she won’t rub this in Minnie’s face when they all get together at the House of God and Monie begrudgingly agrees.


They all meet at Ms. Juicy’s church and the ladies clean up nicely, especially Ms. Monie. I want to know where I can get that dress. Everyone seems to be having a healing time and after the service, head out for brunch. Minnie has invited Shelly to come along and after feeling emotional at the sermon, she decides that they should call their dad right now. The call goes well and not only does Minnie’s dad agree to meet her, but he tells her he loves her too.

The trouble that has been brewing between the Tiny Twins comes to a head when Amanda comes to talk to Andrea and Chris tries to deny her entry, saying she’s on bedrest and doesn’t need the stress. He actually blocks the doorway as he tells Amanda that her sister doesn’t want her in the delivery room. Amanda might be making this too much about her but she is genuinely concerned about her sister and I certainly wouldn’t want to hear these kinds of restrictions about my sister from her dumbazz boyfriend who is the cause of all this stress anyway. Amanda has had enough and storms in to confront Andrea. They have a heated argument and Amanda leaves in tears, feeling like she is losing a part of herself. Something tells me that this isn’t the last time Chris will get in between the sisters.


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