Below Deck Season 4

Below Deck Season 4 Premiere: Captain Lee Reveals Surprises In Store!

Are you ready to dive into the warm Caribbean waters tonight with an all new season of Below Deck? We here at RT couldn’t be more excited to welcome back one of Bravo’s most fun shows for its fourth run! Captain Lee Rosbach shares that there are plenty of surprises in store for us.  

“I don’t surprise easily, and this season surprised me – in a good way,” he shared. Familiar faces Kate Chastain, Ben Robinson, and Kelley Johnson will join Captain Lee as they mix it up with new cast members, both interior and exterior.  


Captain Lee is no stranger to drama. And he certainly has plenty of experience with the antics and immaturity that seem to abound aboard his vessel during filming. He tells People that in many ways, Below Deck season 4 is no different when it comes to how he handles his crew. 

Lee explains, “When you meet someone for the first time they put their best foot forward, but after the newness wears off and you’re with them a few days, things don’t always go as planned. You kind of get a feel for what their real personality is like and how much of it was real and how much of it was bulls—.” 

So, has former employee and Lothario Kelley (promoted to Bosun this season) grown up at all since he worked under Lee last? Lee hints, “A lot can happen in a lot of years and Kelley had a maturation process to go through, and I think that when everybody gets done viewing this season they’ll see whether that transpired or it didn’t.” 

Despite Kate’s pending legal issues with her ex-girlfriend (which occurred after filming), Lee still has much love for his delightfully snarky chief stew and is glad to have her “dry, cunning wit” aboard again this season. He’s also happy to have Ben back in the kitchen, who he calls “just hilarious.” A welcome change from the perma-stank face chef he had to put up with last season, no?

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It’s not all about old loyalties for Captain Lee though, who says, “I like when there’s a mix [of new and old crew]. I really enjoy the challenges it provides and sometimes it’s a breath of fresh air where you get new blood so to speak and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t so you just kind of take it as it comes.”

Unlike Captain Mark Howard from Below Deck Mediterranean, Captain Lee is known for getting all up in his crew’s business – in a good way! And he is not hesitant to issue a plane ticket home for those who can’t fall in line. Lee also doesn’t seem to have any love lost for those who f**ked with his mojo in seasons past. Ahem, Leon Walker and Rocky Dakota: We’re looking at you!

Of Chef Leon, Captain Lee shares that he hasn’t “seen or heard from Leon since he left the boat that day.” And Rocky is never going to be darkening Lee’s doorstep again if he can help it. “Let’s say she hasn’t been over to the house to cook dinner. I’m not a huge fan of grenadine on my oysters,” he jokes. Lee does stay in touch with former Bosun and publicly shamed liar Eddie Lucas, who is still working on tug boats up North. 

Despite the rollercoaster season 4 is sure to be, Captain Lee says what you see is what you get when it comes to his management style. Lee shares that having a TV crew filming his every move “doesn’t change how I deal with the individuals who work with us and the crew. And it doesn’t change how I treat the guests. It really doesn’t change anything as far as my method of running the boat. There’s nothing that I do specifically for TV. I’m just a captain doing my job and I just happen to be getting filmed at it.”

And that’s why he’s Captain Lee, Stud of the Sea. 


Photo Credit: Bravo