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Captain Lee On His First Impressions Of Below Deck Crew: Says Trevor “Not Off To A Good Start”

Captain Lee

After reliving this week’s season 4 premiere of Below Deck, Captain Lee Rosbach pretty much thinks the same thought we all do: Most of the crew look somewhat promising, except for Trevor Walker. Trevor’s a senior deckhand under bosun Kelley Johnson this year. SENIOR deckhand. Did we all get that SENIOR part? Good. Because Trevor wants everyone to know just how high his status in his own mind is!

Captain Lee breaks down his first impressions of everyone in his blog, not pulling any punches about the assortment of individuals he will be babysitting managing this year.  


“We have a new yacht, Valor, which has just undergone a major refit and is drop dead gorgeous; I just love this boat. We have a strong core crew in Kate [Chastain], Ben [Robinson], and Kelley, who is coming back hoping to have a shot at redemption, which I am more than willing to afford him,” begins Captain Lee.  

Of the new crew members, Lee warns, “Strap yourselves in, because there will be some lumps along the way, of that I am sure.” 

Reporting that the first charter guests were a lot of fun, Lee moves on to gushing about Kate. “I love Kate’s attitude always, but more so this year. No matter what I throw at her, even being down a stew right off the bat, she takes it in stride and deals with it. She will do whatever it takes to get the job done,” he says. “Kate has brought us a surprise as well. She has chosen to take a dip in the lady pond; not sure how Ben will deal with that.” I think Ben will deal with it in the classic order of: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance (the five stages of finding out your ex has switched teams!). 

“And Kate, as far as Trevor goes, please don’t feed the animals. If you do, his head will explode,” jokes Captain Lee. Ah, yes. Trevor – the gift that will keep on giving this season!

Lee reflects on the hot mess that is Trevor: “Trevor, Trevor, Trevor. Could you possibly say Senior Deckhand one more time? We get the picture. And then you pull rank and toss your crewmate out of his bunk, which is not how to win friends and influence people. Not off to a good start. I don’t have a warm fuzzy feeling here and it’s way early in the season. First charter. Don’t let that title go to your head, but I think we’ve passed that point I fear.”

“And Trevor, as far as you and Sierra [Storm] becoming ‘besties,’ I wouldn’t get my hopes up. And why do you have your shirt off in front of the guests to show them your tats? Are you sure you worked on a charter boat before? What are you thinking? Really. And did I see you do what I thought I saw you do in your bunk at the end of the day? Not the best look.”

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Lee finally warns Trevor, “I’m having some doubts about you, and you are doing nothing to alleviate them thus far. Your lack of yachting terms has me a bit concerned as well. But let’s see how it plays out, it’s still early.”

Noting that deckhand Lauren Burchnell seems pleasant and capable while Ben seems a bit cranky, Lee moves on next to stew newbie Sierra, who did not make the greatest first impression when she “missed” her plane to work.

Sierra, not a good first impression (and keep in mind you never get a second attempt at making a first impression). You missed the plane for a new job with new crewmates, and you don’t even know how you did it. We must not have been a priority for you. It’s only your job. We all know how I feel about excuses: It’s just a lame reason for you failing. You went to college a ‘few’ times. Not sure what to that means. I am really hoping you are more than just a pretty face.”

As for Kelley, Captain Lee admits he’s hoping to see a season of redemption ahead for him, but Kelley will have to figure out how to manage Trevor first.

Though he appreciates Kelley coming to him for advice, Lee advises him that “Trevor, I can tell right now, is going to be an educational experience for you. I do want you to think on your own, but that is a thing that takes experience. I’m going to help you to a certain degree, but you need to have your own thoughts and make your own decision; you will learn by doing. You are going to make mistakes, but I am not going to let you fail. I’m also not going to hold your hand through the whole process. You need to learn to do it on your own.”

Balancing out the obvious tornado that is Trevor are “eager” deckhand Nico Scholly and new “upbeat” stew Emily Warburton-Adam, who Captain Lee calls “a breath of fresh air.” He adds that Emily “has had extra duties piled on her being shorthanded, but not a whiff of a complaint. Love that. Love her accent, she should get on well with Ben and I see her and Kate getting along quite well.”

“So those are my assessments so far, but it’s very early,” closes Lee in his blog. “Our first charter seems to be going well, the guests are great, the yacht is beautiful, and we now have a full crew. What could possibly go wrong? Well, if the previews are any indication of what’s to come, I’m going to have my hands full.” Yes, he sure is! 


Photo Credit: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo