Below Deck First Impressions

Below Deck has set sail once again – and a new crew is prepared to witness their questionable behavior on TV screens around the world this Fall!

Besides Captain Lee Rosbach, Kate Chastain, Ben Robinson, and Kelley Johnson, the remaining newbies may be in for a shock when they see what the wily Bravo cameras catch from week to week. (Ahem, looking at you and your booger-eating bunk habits, Trevor Walker!) Recently, the crew shared their first impressions of one another upon boarding Valor for season 4. 


Kate shared that Emily [Warburton-Adam] “seemed very sweet, and I was impressed by her work ethic right away. Nico [Scholly] was the typical yachtie deckhand – cute and polite, but you can tell there’s a wild side hiding behind the professional decorum. Trevor seemed to have a chip on his shoulder, like he walked on the boat with something to prove. In my experience, I’ve found that if someone comes aboard overly ambitious to let everyone know how experienced they are, it usually means that they’re not. (See also: Leon [Walker].)” Whoa, creepy. Didn’t realize until this very moment that these two windbags share the same last name!

Lauren [Burchnell] didn’t really seem too interested in getting to know me at all, which was disappointing considering the fact that we were going to be roommates, but I figured she was just nervous and that she’d warm up to me eventually,” Kate continued. 

Kelley admits mixed emotions upon seeing his old castmates. “Kate and I had not gotten along so well after Season 2 and I was ready to change that. Captain Lee, well, he is one of the reasons I returned. I looked up to him during Season 2, but I felt I let him and the crew down. I wanted to redeem myself in his eyes, that’s one of the main reasons I am here. Ben, well, who doesn’t miss Ben? Oh wait I meant his food…OK both.”

As for the new crew members, Kelley thinks everyone is pretty cool except, well, his SENIOR deckhand! “Trevor on the other hand…it seems like I’m going to have some struggles with him this year.” Kelley also doesn’t know what to make of Sierra Storm yet, but from his reaction to her this week, it looks like lust is in the air.

Trevor, himself, keeps it short and sweet as he reminisces on his first impressions of everyone. He told Bravo that he simply thought, “Wow, this is gonna be a fun season! The girls look good and my deck crew is strong. Captain Lee, here we go!” #SimpleMinds

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His teammate, Nico, had a little more to say. “Captain Lee seems like a stern and respected captain. Ben seems like the guy whom I would get along with the most, because of his crazy and humorous personality. Kate has a feisty yet honest side, which I like. Kelley seems like a hard worker, but a caring person when it comes to his ‘deck crew.’ When speaking to him he has the attitude of ‘don’t leave a man behind.'”

Trevor seems like a guy super into himself, possibly with little man syndrome,” Nico continued. “The term senior deckhand on a yacht this small seems a bit out of context. That goes for his constant sweating as well. I can tell from the start that Lauren had an epic personality. From her smile to her one liners, I can definitely tell that I am going to get up to some mischief with her and Ben. Emily is quiet, but easy on the eyes. And last but definitely not least, Sierra seems like a very nice girl. A bit timid, but I love her hipster ways.”

Deckhand Lauren kept it simple when remembering her initial thoughts on the crew. “My first impression was that we’re such a mix of people!” she shared, wondering how they’ll all “mesh together” this season. 

And finally, Emily admits that she was nervous meeting everyone at first, but that “Kate seemed lovely as my boss and the exterior crew were friendly and loud, though I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with them. I was scared that the captain didn’t like me, as he hadn’t spoken to me yet! I thought maybe he analyzes the new crew from afar before being personal at all, as he was very chatty with Ben, Kate, and Kelley.”

Well, first impressions are over. In the weeks ahead, it will be interesting to see how this crew gets along when the waters get choppy. And who’s going to inevitably throw Trevor overboard butt heads by episode 2!


Photo Credit: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo