THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK CITY -- "Reunion" -- Pictured: Carole Radziwill -- (Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo)

Carole Radziwill Slams Jules Wainstein After Mean Girl Accusations

Aside from the beginning of this season with the continued fall out from Carole Radziwill dating Luann de Lesseps former chef Adam Kenworthy, Carole hasn’t had too much drama. The only thing that really came her way were accusations that she lived in Bethenny Frankel’s shadow and that the two of them are too cliquey. Jules Wainstein even said that Carole is a different person depending on whether or not she is around Bethenny.

Carole didn’t really pop off at the reunion, but she let her thoughts loose in a Twitter rant aimed against Jules and those mean girl accusations. Although I do think that Carole and Bethenny are clingy, I don’t think that means they are mean girls. It is only natural for two people in a large “friend” group to be closer than they are to the rest of them. It really seemed like Jules was reaching for a story line and now Carole has decided to thrown down.


Carole is definitely the calm, cool, and collected one in the Real Housewives of New York cast, but she also seems like the smartest one. Or at the very least she has the most articulate and cutting insults which makes perfect sense to me since she is a writer. 

Although Carole was pretty quiet during the three reunion episodes, she went in on Jules’s mean girl accusations on Twitter after they all aired. A viewer tweeted Carole with a reference from the movie Mean Girls: “Uhhh @CaroleRadziwill, you’re 100% a different person without Bethenny. I mean Gretchen was pretty nice without Regina too. #RHONY” and Carole actually quoted the remark and wrote, “Oh this is the most moronic thing people can say…I’m 100 on the show….not like some others who fake friendships.” I wonder who Carole is alluding to that has a fake friendship. Sure, I have some ideas, but I would love it if Carole got a little petty and dropped some names.

Another Twitter user wrote a tweet to support Carole: “Everyone’s so mad at @CaroleRadziwill for being a loyal friend like, can we let homegirl live? #RHONY” and once again Carole alluded to her fellow cast members only having alliances instead of genuine relationships since she quoted the fan and replied with, “Dumb women making dumb comments…they don’t understand friendship only alliances….” I have to assume that this is aimed at some combination of Jules, Luann, and Dorinda Medley-especially since they were sitting on the opposing couch during the reunion episodes.

Of course that tweet got many replies which Carole ended up addressing as well since yet another person accused her of changing once Bethenny returned to the show. Carole tried her best to shut that down by tweeting, “I haven’t changed I just can’t deal with emotional unstable women who lie abt everything-getting on my nerves :)”

As a viewer I was honestly a little bored with Carole this season. I like her as a person (not that I actually know her), but she really stayed out of the fray and avoided controversy. There was really nothing to pick at Carole for other than her allegiance to Bethenny. It makes me wonder if it was a genuine issue or if the ladies were just grasping for straws since Carole didn’t really do anything offensive the entire season. Carole seems to think it’s the latter since she tweeted, “Because the women have nothing else mean to say so they make up dumb shit” in response to another fan who defended her best friendship with Bethenny. Honestly though, there really was nothing else to call out Carole for- other than giving way too much screen time to her dog Baby, which isn’t exactly horrible.

A Carole and Bethenny supporter wrote, “@Bethenny @CaroleRadziwill are like The New Yorker trying to speak to the NY Post. It’s actually funny & sad. @Bravotv @BravoWWHL @andy” and Carole seemed to agree with the sentiment, but also took the opportunity to shade both her cast mates and certain media outlets further since she replied with, “So true…..Though I was thinking @NewYorker and Radaronline. #RHONYReunion.” Talk about killing two birds with one stone with that diss. So I’m sure that RadarOnline will come out with some unflattering “news” about Carole ASAP- just wait for it.

Since Jules was the one who brought the cliquey, mean girl story line to the reunion, it only makes sense for Carole to talk about her in the Twitter rant. One point that I found really odd while I was watching the show was when Dorinda said that Jules and Carole were from different generations because of their age difference. They are were both cast members so that puts them on pretty equal footing in my eyes. 

A “fan” echoed Dorinda’s comments and Carole responded with a dig at Jules: “Sure I could have a kid at 16….what’s your point? I’m not jule’s mom, she’s not a child tho she acts like one.” I definitely don’t think that playing the age card was the way to go, Jules/Dorinda and neither does Carole.

When another fan insisted that Carole and Jules were a part of different generations, Carole got technical with this correction: “Actually we are…a generation is considered 20 years. We’re 17 years apart. Is it hard to admit u are wrong? .” I don’t really think that was necessary, but I get the point. It doesn’t make any sense to say that anyone in the cast was singled out because of generational differences. That just does not apply here- at all.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]