Lauren Manzo Pregnant – Expecting First Child With Husband Vito Scalia

Congratulations are in order! Caroline Manzo‘s daughter Lauren Manzo is expecting her first child with husband Vito Scalia.

On the Manzo’d With Children season three trailer, it was pretty clear that the struggle to get pregnant is Lauren’s story line. Thankfully this story has a happy ending and an even better beginning is a about to start.

Caroline will be joining her sister-in-law Jacqueline Laurita, whose daughter Ashlee Holmes gave birth to her first son, as a new grandma.


Lauren and Vito shared with People, “We are so excited to be expecting our first child, due in early 2017. What a crazy year it has been for us. Life is full of wonderful surprises!”

They don’t know the baby’s gender, but it is something that they plan to find out during the pregnancy. “We do plan to find out the sex,” shared Lauren, “and I’m team ‘girl’ while Vito is team ‘boy!'”  

As expected, the Manzos are pumped about this news, and they have shared their excitement on social media.

Caroline posted a photo of Lauren and her baby bump on Instagram with the caption: “My beautiful little girl is going to be a mommy. Congratulations @laurenmanzo & @vitoscalia3. We are over the moon with happiness for you both!” And of course she quoted the People story on Twitter and added some cute emojis to share her congratulations there as well.

Lauren’s brother Albie Manzo quoted a tweet with the link to the People story and added a smiley face emoji. Not only that, but he posted twice on Instagram about the big news. In one, he reposted a photo of Lauren and Vito with a sweet caption: “I am absolutely horrible at keeping secrets so you can imagine how happy I am to finally be able to say @laurenmanzo is pregnant!!!! I am so happy for you both and excited for what’s to come. Love you guys!!!!” Aaaww.

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Albie also posted a screenshot of a text conversation with his own dad talking about the pregnancy with another adorable caption: “Of all the texts I have ever received this one is my favorite. Uncle Albie does have kind of a nice ring to it, no? #BabyScalia.”

It’s clear baby Scalia is going to have a lot of love!

Chris Manzo also shared his excitement over his sister’s pregnancy on social media. He posted the same photo as Caroline and wrote, “My amazing sister is pregnant and is going to be an amazing mother. Congratulations Lauren and Vito!!!! Love you both.” That’s so sweet.

Via tweet, Chris admitted, “It was a next to impossible secret to keep. I am happy I can say it now.” He also joked, “As of now @Laurenmanzo is thinking of naming her child Cheese or Mongoose. Said she’s looking for something ‘Hollywood'” Obviously he’s kidding, but even if he wasn’t, I don’t think Caroline would ever let that happen. Ever.

Lauren’s cousin and new mom Ashlee is pumped her son will have a cousin around the same age. Ashlee tweeted, “Yay! The secret is out! So happy for @Laurenmanzo and @VitoScalia3! Cam is gonna have a little buddy.”

I can’t help wondering if Dina Manzo is going to publicly react to the news. It is awkward timing considering Dina’s recent Twitter rant about Caroline. Hopefully the new addition can help bring the family back together.


[Photo Credit: Instagram]