Ben Robinson Thinks Kate Chastain’s Relationship Affected Her Work On ‘Below Deck’ This Season

I was looking forward to watching Ben Robinson and Kate Chastain’s complicated relationship on this season of Below Deck, but then I was thrown off when the season first started and Kate was in a romantic relationship with someone else. What was going to happen to the entertaining rapport and the flirting that I got used to watching on this show? It also makes me wonder how Kate not being single affected the actual work that she and Ben needed to get done during the charter season.

Ben and Kate always argued and made up, so I don’t see a huge difference in their dynamic other than the fact that hooking up is off the table. Other than that, I feel like they argue like an old married couple and they still get their jobs done. With that said, Ben seems to have the opposite opinion and thinks Kate being a relationship made her work suffer.


Watching Ben and Kate interact is what really makes Below Deck an enjoyable show for me to watch. Even though Kate isn’t single this season, I still enjoy their rapport. I’m just upset they’re not gonna hook up this season – but that’s just me being selfish as a viewer. Kate thinks she was totally on her game this season, but she revealed to The Daily Dish that Ben felt the opposite.

Kate confessed, “I know Ben thinks I was a little distracted this season, and I was giving him less attention this season. However, I never let it interfere with my work, and I think the charter tips reflect that.” We are only a couple episodes in, but she seems pretty much on her game this season. I don’t think the criticism is valid in all honesty, but I guess we will have to see how the rest of the episodes end up.

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Maybe Ben is just bitter because he had no chance to get with Kate? Kate said, “I don’t think he’s jealous of me dating somebody else; I think he’s just jealous that I can’t give him my full attention, which, he likes attention.” I feel like she give Ben a lot of attention – they are constantly bickering about the most random things. That counts, right?

But maybe Ben just didn’t have a soft spot for Kate since there was zero hookup potential? That’s just my guess as a complete outsider who doesn’t know these people and just watches an edited down version of their lives. Kate seems to get what I was thinking though since she said, “I think that the fact that I’m dating someone has made Ben a little less tolerant of me and perhaps a little more edgy or sensitive, so it’s a little more difficult working together this season.” I can totally see that, but then again I also feel like Ben and Kate will argue about anything.


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