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Little Women: Atlanta Recap: Maids of Dishonor

Little Women: Atlanta is in full wedding mode, thanks to Monie Cashette’s recent engagement. But if you have ever planned a wedding (or watched this show), you know that big events mean even bigger drama and this wedding is going to be no exception. Friendships are shifting faster than I can keep up with but in an effort to keep you all in the loop, I’m going to try my best!

The day that Monie has been waiting for arrives. No, not the wedding itself but wedding dress shopping! She brings Bri Barlup and Ms. Juicy along to help her pick something out while bragging about going to the best wedding dress boutique in Atlanta. When they arrive, they are given pencils and paper and have to walk around the store, writing down which dresses they like… isn’t that how it works at IKEA? I’m not impressed so far.


Little Women: Atlanta recap

Monie does clean up nice though and picks out some beautiful dresses to try on. She twirls and pouts for the mirror before pointing out that she is going to have to get whatever dress she chooses majorly tailored to fit her, which is pretty much how any wedding dress works, honey. They are all made to order and tailored accordingly. Thankfully, Monie picks one out before Ms. Juicy’s butt falls asleep.

On to more pressing matters, Ms. Juicy needs to plan the bachelorette party and Monie’s only requests are 1) turn up and 2) no drama. Good luck with that. As they go over the list of who to invite, Monie makes it clear Minnie Ross isn’t welcome, thanks to her little blow up at the bridal show last week.

Amanda and Andrea Salinas head to Aubrey’s first doctor’s appointment now that she is home. Amanda’s boyfriend comes along to help out but one person is notably absent – Chris, Aubrey’s dad and Andrea’s useless boyfriend. Luckily, Aubrey is doing well and has a clean bill of health and the twins can leave the pediatrician’s office feeling good.

Little Women: Atlanta recap

Minnie is moving back home with her mom after Chris returned and Andrea kicked her out so they could have space as a family. I would love to know how this played out in real time because it looks like Minnie was only gone for a few days – she comes back into her mom’s house with one tiny suitcase and a picture frame in hand. Tammie told her this would happen and has no problem reminding Minnie.

But Minnie has something bigger to reveal to her mom – that she has been friendly with Juicy again. The same Juicy who put a restraining order on Tammie after she threw a plate of chicken wings on her. Tammie isn’t happy about this at all but her only warning is to keep her eye on Juicy.

Monie and fiancé Morlin meet with a wedding cake maker at her home for their cake tasting. What happened to the wedding planner and his $75K budget? Because I know this wouldn’t be approved by him. In between tastings, Morlin tells Monie that he’s sick of the drama between her and Minnie and helps Monie realize that even though they are fighting, she doesn’t want Minnie to miss out on her big day. Monie decides she should talk to Minnie and attempt to repair their friendship before her big day.


Andrea is adjusting to life with Aubrey and her second baby, boyfriend Chris. He has no clue what he’s doing with a baby (even though this is his second kid) and when Andrea asks if she can rely on him to watch Aubrey when she goes to Monie’s bachelorette party, the answer is a resounding no. He can’t even be bothered to change a diaper. He also couldn’t be bothered to cover up nasty hickies on his neck, so I don’t know what more Andrea expects at this point. Chris might as well have not come back at all.

Monie and Minnie sit down to lunch, Moscato (the wedding wine of choice), and to hash things out. Monie admits she misses her friendship with Minnie and even cries a little. She apologizes for not trusting Minnie and says she wants to move past it. Monie decides the only way to move forward would be with a big gesture and asks Minnie if she would be willing to be a co-Maid of Honor. I am rolling my eyes so hard – you need multiple Maids of Honor? Has Monie not heard of a bridal party? Just make her a bridesmaid!

It’s bachelorette party time! Ms. Juicy is surprised to even see Minnie invited and she’s about to get a bigger surprise with the whole co-Maid of Honor thing. Monie’s friends Samantha and Tonya come along and is it just me or is Tonya is the spitting image of J-Lo from her In Living Color days? Everyone is getting along but of course, the Tiny Twins have to take issue about Tonya taking up too much of the stripped pole on the party bus. I wish they would be less territorial about stripper poles.

Little Women: Atlanta recap

The ladies make it to the strip club and Monie decides to announce that Minnie will be the co-Maid of Honor before they can even settle in. Ms. Juicy is pissed and Minnie acts like she can’t understand why Juicy would be pissed, knowing full well that this is karma for Juicy being smug in her friendship with Monie for so long. Minnie is thoroughly enjoying herself as she yells that Ms. Juicy needs help planning so the wedding isn’t ratchet. Minnie is drunk and I don’t mean drunk on alcohol. I mean drunk on power, now that she has a title in Monie’s wedding. Ms. Juicy isn’t happy and doesn’t want things to escalate so she leaves the bachelorette party right then and there.

The next night, Monie sits down with Ms. Juicy to work the whole thing out. Juicy apologizes right off the bat and says she shouldn’t have walked out but her issue is that she doesn’t want to share a title and as the self-appointed Queen of Atlanta, she doesn’t need help from anyone to assist with Monie’s wedding. Monie says she has pressure coming from all angles (welcome to wedding planning) and wants everyone to come together for her. She wants Juicy to suck it up, put her ego away, and acknowledge that it’s her wedding and her decision.

I do agree with that but I think Juicy’s real issue is how Monie announce the change in plans and then Minnie’s attitude about it. Ms. Juicy realizes it is Monie’s wedding and if this is what she wants, then she will go along with it for her sake.

Little Women: Atlanta recap

Tonight’s episode ends on a serious and extremely sad note.

Emily Fernandez’s son JJ has passed away and the girls put their differences aside to honor his life. They all meet at a park and share some memories and thoughts about Emily and baby JJ. Bri reads her thoughts and tries to keep it together, which is impossible given how heartbreaking the situation is. You can see how this has affected the women and while it’s for the most tragic reason in the world, it’s nice to see them all come together and do something special to acknowledge JJ’s passing. Bri releases butterflies and I can’t keep it together.

Let’s all send loving thoughts and peace to Emily and her family while they try to heal.

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