Sister Wives Recap: Daughter Dilemmas

TLC is clearly following around Kody Brown and his wives twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week given how much footage the network seems to have on the family. As you know, there were two episodes of Sister Wives last night, y’all! As Kody infamously says in the opener, “Episodes love should be multiplied, not divided.” Sheesh.

The first episode begins as Janelle is planning a bridal shower for Madison, and she’s struggling with how much to include her fellow sister wives in the process. Poor Janelle isn’t the best when it comes to party planning (don’t believe me? Go re-watch last season’s Thanksgiving debacle with Meri!), and she doesn’t want to get railroaded by her fellow wives who love a good themed event. Janelle is meeting with the planner, and she’s adamant about not letting the guests bring any lingerie. It’s so tacky! The party planner vetoes Janelle’s request to put “No Lingerie” or “Only Classy Gifts” on the invitation. She also jokes about surprising Maddie with some male strippers.


Kody and Christine are hoping that Tony and Mykelti will wait for close to a year before tying the knot. After their man-to-man conversation last week, Kody wants another sit-down with Tony to discuss the timeline. He needs to save up the funds to have a special reception for Mykelti as opposed to a tiny party that cowers in the shadow of Maddie’s big day. Kody plans to ask for a March wedding, but he’s willing to negotiate December with Tony. Kody hops in the car and heads to St. George, Utah, to meet Tony for lunch and talk him out of an August ceremony.

Kody explains his reasoning behind the delay to a nervous Tony, and Tony counters that Mykelti doesn’t want a December wedding. It’s too far away. Tony believes that he and Mykelti are being generous by waiting a month after Maddie‘s nuptials. Mykelti wants a tiny wedding, but Tony wants a giant affair. Kody resorts to begging, and Tony agrees to speak with Mykelti. Kody cuts to the chase…Tony has waited twenty-one years to lose his virginity. He can wait six extra months. Kody reminds Tony that he and Mykelti can build their intimacy without getting physical. Tony reveals that he will be proposing the following day with a poem he’s written. Kody offers his blessing…contingent on a December wedding.

Sister Wives Christine Kody

While one wedding is potentially on hold, another’s planning is in full swing. Kody and Christine prank Madison by arriving in camo get-ups which fit with her color scheme and outdoorsy theme. Madison’s fiance Caleb loves it. He wants some camo influence in the ceremony. Madison tries to explain the difference between bohemian and rustic. One is hippy, the other is hick. Kody struggles to embrace the theme. He feels it’s very “John Denver.” Caleb agrees and their blossoming bromance continues to grow. Robyn cites Caleb as the family’s favorite future son-in-law. If Tony wants to be a contender, he’s going to need to hang out more and get to know the group. Tony awkwardly tries to bond with Caleb, but he really just reminds Caleb that a bunch of his family members have died recently. Oh Tony. We know you’ve watched the show. Step up your game, son!

After his discussion with Meri last week, Kody has decided to reach out to Mariah in an attempt to repair her relationship with her mom. He’s taking two of his older sons to move Mariah out of her school apartment for the summer. Robyn, Christine, and Janelle wax poetic about how great it is to know that their children have other moms to turn to when things are sour. However, there is a fine line between supporting the child without breaking the trust of their fellow sister wife. Meri is glad that Kody is making the trek, and she sends Kody off with an awkward hug.

In between moving Mariah, Kody ambushes his daughter, and Mariah is quick to respond that she’s not ready to forgive her mother. Her last summer was miserable. Mariah spent the entire summer telling her mother she was being catfished, but Meri wouldn’t believe her. She tells her father that Meri tried to convince her to respect her online relationship. Kody reminds his daughter that her mother was targeted by an evil liar, but it’s evident that Kody is learning new information. Meri wasn’t as forthcoming as she claimed, it seems. Mariah is still holding a grudge, but Kody admits that he’s just as responsible for Meri succumbing to the catfisher. He can’t empathize with Mariah’s anger if he wants to move forward with Meri. Mariah is as stubborn as her mother, but she concedes to speak with the family therapist…without her mother.

Sister Wives Mariah Kody

On the second episode, Tony is preparing for a hike with Mykelti, where he plans to pop the question. He hopes he can be as “romance-y” as he knows his girlfriend expects. Poor Mykelti took a nasty spill on their last hike and she’s sporting a bad scrape and bruise on her face. The pair went shopping at the pawn shop where Mykelti works, and Tony paid close attention to the ring Mariah wanted. He’s got it all ready for the big day. In his haste to plan the proposal, Tony forgot to pack lunches for the couple. He is too focused on memorizing the poem he has written for this monumental occasion.

Christine is concerned for her daughter as she acts very differently around him. Christine cites Mykelti as quiet and reserved when she’s with Tony. The family has yet to see Tony and Mykelti in their element.

Back home, the moms laugh about Madison’s plans to accommodate her large family. She passes out itineraries which are subject to change. Maddie reveals she has requested her family be an hour earlier than necessary given their penchant for always being late. Janelle wonders where her daughter got her organizational skills, and all eyes turn to Meri. When discussing the different cabins and tree houses, Madison suggests that the boys camp out in tents. Christine and Robyn are not on board. Robyn believes that hotels and VRBOs are just a bunch of liars. Sure, the website may say it sleeps eight, but lo and behold, someone is always expected to sleep on a pullout couch. Robyn’s kids can’t sleep on pullout couches. Janelle is getting frustrated with her sister wives’ complaints. Madison’s biggest concern is her family’s promptness. Good luck!

Tony brags to Mykelti that he shut down Kody on the December wedding plan. How funny…on the episode just thirty minutes ago, he said he was “yes and no.” He promised to speak to Mykelti about the possibility of a December wedding, but he knows they are both hellbent on getting married in August. Janelle is worried Mykelti’s plans will impose on Madison’s big day. She expresses concern that Mykelti’s siblings will be upset with her for not waiting longer.

Sister Wives Janelle

Later, Janelle and Meri head to another therapy session, and it’s been awhile since they last met. Janelle praises Meri for continuing with their progress given all of the extra stress in her life these days. Meri hopes that “progress” doesn’t mean they are best friends (or even friends, for that matter). Both wives believe they are more cordial and have more interaction, but Janelle thinks they could both put in more work.

When the topic turns to wedding planning, Meri and Janelle reveal that Meri has stepped up to the plate with helping with the wedding planning. That is a definite break through where these two are concerns. The therapist asks what would be a catalyst which would cause them to forge a deeper bond. She recommends a camping trip for the two, but it’s so far out of their comfort zone. Janelle admits that the thought is terrifying. They don’t even ride in the same car together when they go places together. The therapist counters that the two take a road trip while listening to an audio book on vulnerability. As a compromise, she agrees to let Meri and Janelle listen to the book separately and discuss it during their next session. In an uncomfortable turn of events, the therapist makes Janelle and Meri squeeze together on a love seat to role play a car conversation. She encourages them to be curious about the life of the other.

On their hike, Tony has Mykelti scaling fallen trees testing her limits of comfort. She’s very scared that she is going to take a spill, and Tony jokes that if she gets injured, he’ll pop the question to make her feel better. Is it just me, or is there something off about this guy? Mykelti’s siblings seems to be fond of Tony, but Christine still isn’t convinced. Tony leads Mykelti through caverns and waterfalls, and he’s pretty convinced that Mykelti is getting suspicious. He wants to create a magical romantic moment that will “make her life.” He’s pretty confident, isn’t he? At the top of a rope bridge, Tony offers her a granola bar and a kiss. He professes his love and states he has a surprise. Mykelti is expecting a picnic lunch until Tony gets down on one knee. He instructs her to listen to his cheesy poem before answering. Mykelti shrieks out a yes as Tony slips the ring on her finger. Mykelti is still hoping for an August wedding…


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