Meghan Edmonds Responds To Mommy Shamers On Social Media

For the most part, motherhood seems to be going well for new mom Meghan Edmonds. Ever since baby Aspen was born, Meghan has been posting the most adorable photos of the newborn and even her husband Jim Edmonds on social media. However, a bunch a people flipped out over a pic Meghan posted of little Aspen in a car seat.

People on Instagram ripped Meghan a new one and attacked her mothering skills in the comments, so much so that she put up a disclaimer in the comment and tweeted about the mommy shaming.


People really need to chill out in all honesty. Instagram users came at Meghan for her car seat strap placement and she eventually had to clarify she lowered it so her daughter would be visible in the photo and that she did not actually drive like that. Meghan changed her caption to say, “At least Aspen looks cute! #mombun (everyone chill out ab the strap, I moved it down for the pic and fixed it before we got in the car).” 

Meghan was not driving in the photo. If the strap was up, the baby wouldn’t even be seen in the photo. Meghan is not an idiot. Thanks for the concern, complete strangers, but she’s got this one. It’s good that she clarified, but people look for any reason to complain these days. Almost everything is a scandal. Why can’t everyone just stop looking for trouble.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that Meghan felt shamed by her own Instagram followers. Meghan recently tweeted, “Wow! Mom shaming is real! Have u seen the latest comments on my last IG post?! Wowzas!” Based on the date and time, the last post Meghan was referring to was a photo of her with her husband Jim. Apparently, people are hating on Meghan since she went out on one date night with her husband. That’s a stupid reason to be unkind. Moms deserve a break too.

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Meghan responded to an Instagram hater with the user name @boltupsd, so did a lot of her followers, and Meghan’s husband Jim even chimed in after a comment was deleted and mentioned a “fan” in Meghan’s defense. Jim wrote, “Shocking that this person disappeared @boltupsd.” Jim doesn’t really share an opinion about anything, so the fact that he is saying something meant that the bashing in the comments went way too far.

In response to the same hater, Meghan wrote, “@boltupsd truth? I breastfeed my baby. Do you understand the commitment that takes? I don’t think you know the truth, dear. And you won’t bc u unfollowed me thank god. So please leave me alone and go judge another new mother like the parental policewoman you love to be”

Meghan thanked another Instagram user who defended her: “@amyswiney Thank you. It’s awful. I spend three hours (tops – bc I nurse) away from you baby for a total of maybe three or four times (and I wish it was more bc I’m living in a Groundhog Day life right now but I miss her like hell when I’m gone but I love it too) and I am a terrible mother. Incredible!”

Damn. People need to chill.


[Photo Credit: Instagram]