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It seems like Phaedra Parks has a million jobs. From being a reality TV star to a mom to a lawyer to fitness video vixen and her other super interesting career choice that she got into a few years ago: the mortuary business. That honestly just seemed like a grab for a good story line on Real Housewives of Atlanta, but she really does do this for one of her jobs and Phaedra opened up being a mortician.

We don’t really see a ton of this on show, since I’m sure this is a sensitive and private topic for most people, but Phaedra does mention it here and there and I always thought it was unique, so it’s interesting to see what she has to say about this part of her life.


Phaedra opened up about the funeral business in an interview with The Daily Dish. Interestingly enough, Phaedra has actually been in charge of the funeral arrangements for people she has been close with which has to be both an honor and a somewhat uncomfortable experience.

Phaedra admitted, “You know this has been a very interesting year because so many celebrities that I worked with have passed I’ve had the opportunity to do their funerals and be a part of the planning process and just preparing their bodies.” I feel like that has to be a strange experience, but Phaedra actually only does funerals for people that she knows and has a bond with. That seems like an odd standard to me, but that’s something that’s important to her.

The RHOA star revealed, “Really the only funerals that I ever do are people that I love and people that I’m connected to.” I feel like that would make things tough, but I guess it does make sense since she would be more invested than if the dead person was a stranger.

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Since Phaedra only does funerals for people she’s already connected with, it’s especially important for her to give considerate care to their family members. Phaedra explained, “And so it’s important for me when it is someone that I know to give them the level of care and service. I’ll give it to everyone, but to make sure that not only there’s care during the process, but there’s after care because a lot of people think the funeral is the big event — and it is; it’s your last party — but it’s the after care when everybody’s gone and the people stop visiting that people really need the pep talks, the words of encouragement, the prayers.”

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