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Teen Mom 2 fans, we are back with a new season, new drama and more interaction with the long suffering Teen Mom 2 producers. These Teen Moms have been busy since the reunion: Kailyn Lowry is on the verge of divorce from Javi Marroquin, Chelsea Houska is on the verge of marriage to Cole DeBoer, Jenelle Evans is on the verge of jail time and well, Leah Messer is on the verge of a nervous breakdown if she doesn’t find her damn keys.

Kail and Javi have some major unresolved issues happening right now in their marriage. So Kail copes with her issues by jumping out of a plane, which seems like a reasonable response to a crumbling marriage. If throwing yourself out of a plane is symbolism for what’s going on in her relationship, message received loud and clear.


Chelsea and her ex, Adam aren’t really on speaking terms either, although Aubree continues to visit. At the last reunion, Adam said he didn’t know if he was going to continue filming……and by filming, he means standing up the producers while they are outside of his house and he naps upstairs. When the producer calls him on her cell phone from his front door, he drops a barrage of F bombs and basically tells her nap time is the most important time. To clarify, we aren’t talking about Aubree’s nap time, we are talking about his. The producer has no choice but to let sleeping beauty rest up and once he does let her into his house, she is surprisingly calm for someone who just got yelled at by an overgrown man-child. But Adam has a bone to pick – mainly, that he’s getting a bad edit. Sounds like someone needs to be put back down for another nap.

Onto Jenelle, who is doing GREAT, except for the fact that she is about to go to court for assaulting her ex-baby daddy’s new girlfriend. Jenelle is fuming that Nathan Griffith’s girlfriend, Jessi, would have the nerve to try and send a mother to jail for assaulting her. Never mind that the mother in question has been in jail more times than we can count and that’s really why she’s in the position of heading back there.

Some really emo music accompanies the scenes of Jenelle going into court (just so we understand the severity of the matter) and we get treated to the most boring hearing footage ever. OJ Simpson trial this is not, people. Jessi relives her harrowing ordeal about being knocked in the head with a mason jar while Jenelle sits passively, decked out in her I’m- getting-my-life-together-and-trying-to-stay-out-of-jail starter pack ensemble. Nathan takes the stand and quickly loses his cool when being cross examined by Jenelle’s lawyer. Seriously, can someone cross examine him on why he continues to style his hair that way? Pause and we will come back to this later (the trial, not why he continues to style his hair that way).

Leah admits that raising three girls (and endless baby dolls) is hard. Even harder when you have to get to a game on time. Leah goes into full blown meltdown mode when she realizes she’s going to be late. She admits the next day she had a panic attack because she was worried about ex Corey Simms being mad that she was late. Also, MTV was there filming and she’s NEVER late outside of filming. Leah makes sure to point out she’s doing a lot better but just had a bad day.

Kail’s friend Gigi stops by to visit and Kail explains that she needs to “do something crazy” in life, hence jumping out of a plane. I feel like having all those dogs and kids running around is crazy enough but hey, to each his own. Kail catches Gigi up on what happened at the reunion with Javi – in short, Javi has changed, Kail has changed, Dr. Drew says to not change and stay together. Curious to know if Dr. Drew actually watches the show.
Javi FaceTimes with his friend, Darius, who is urges Javi to get “beach ready” while Javi complains about Kail. He says he has spoken with Lincoln every day and Isaac gets on the phone too but not so much Kail, which we already knew. He wants to fight for his marriage but is unsure of what he’s coming home to. Kail goes out to eat with Joe, Viv and the kids but all Isaac wants to do is talk to his “other dad”, which is sad to see how he’s handling everything and obviously gives Kail pause since she knows life with “other dad” might not last much longer.

Chelsea, Aubree and her friends go to try on dresses for her wedding. Aubree is adorable in her excitement of trying on her dress and it’s really a sweet moment. Chelsea’s mom keeps commenting how it looks like a wedding dress – chill out, mom, one wedding at a time. They all go out to lunch after and Chelsea has decided now that she’s older, she doesn’t want every aspect of her life on TV and it sounds like that includes the wedding.

Leah just found out that other ex, Jeremy Calvert was offered a job in South Dakota for three to four months, further complicating matters. Later that day, she complains to her friend that she won’t be happy if he only sees Addie here and there.

Back in court, Jenelle is on the stand, explaining the case of the mysterious slippery mason jar. Jenelle is TRYING to be a good person and a good mom, if only drinking glasses full of water would stop being so damn slippery. Even Jenelle’s lawyer doesn’t seem convinced. Outside of the court room, David tries to comfort a crying Jenelle while she waits for the verdict. Like OJ before her, Jenelle is found not guilty even though everyone believes she did it.

Can Jenelle stay out of trouble for at least another episode? No promises, guys.


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