Teen Mom 2 recap

Despite the summer weather, an icy chill has fallen on this episode of Teen Mom 2. Well, for everyone but Chelsea Houska, who is excitedly expecting a baby with fiancé Cole DeBoer. All she needs is her social media announcement because as we all know, it’s not real until it’s Facebook official.

Chelsea is feeling all the first trimester fun: nausea and tired, which is preventing her from taking a shower today. She’s also feeling anxious because it’s so early in her pregnancy and she can’t feel kicks yet. Luckily, she finds a heartbeat while using her home Doppler, so that helps ease some of her fears. A few days later, everything is confirmed by the doctor as a healthy pregnancy after Chelsea gets her first ultrasound.


While Chelsea still has some worries after hearing about someone who had a miscarriage after 12 weeks, she and Cole are ready to announce on social media and take some adorable pictures to make the big reveal. Cole expresses his excitement with a sweet, “goodness gracious” and it’s nice to see this special moment between them as the well wishes start rolling in.


There aren’t a lot of well wishes in the life of Jenelle Evans right now, just legal matters. But Jenelle and current boyfriend David Eason have taken a much needed break from the courthouse to tour Lego Land with the kids, minus Kaiser, who is with his dad, Nathan Griffin. Jenelle and David are still hatching a plan to take him back to court, but for now, Jenelle’s attorney, who literally makes a living off her case load alone, tells her to chill since the ink isn’t even dry on their brand new custody agreement.

At an oblivious Nathan’s house, Kaiser seems to be enjoying himself. Once he goes down for his nap, Nathan’s bros come over to show off their gym gains and talk about how Jenelle is still obsessed with Nathan. They say that’s why she’s being so cool and flexible with the custody of Kaiser, completely unaware that she’s been b**ching about it since it was finalized. One of the bros says maybe she’s pregnant and they all laugh about how messed up that would be. We all know that laughter was short lived!

As Jenelle and David make their way to another amusement park before coming back home, mom Barbara Evans calls to arrange pick up of Jace. Jenelle says she wants to keep him for another week and Barb pushes back, saying she pays $150/week to have him in daycare. Instead of being smart enough to at least offer to pay the $150 as a compromise, Jenelle uses the kids’ relationship as a way to BS about Jace wanting to see Kaiser, hoping that will get her what she wants.

Jenelle says she should be able to see her own son and when Barb says they can take it to court, Jenelle yells about how crazy Barb sounds, completely failing to see the irony in how willing she is to go to court in pretty much every other scenario of her life. Poor Jace sits in the back, pretending not to hear, like kids do, while Jenelle and David try and manipulate him and lead him into saying he would rather be with them. Jace is too smart for this crap and says honestly that he likes daycare.


Kail Lowry has been stressed about what’s going on with Javi Marroquin so she does what any Teen Mom would do – grabs her friends and their kids and they all head to Puerto Rico for vacation. Now that I paused long enough to have questioned where I went wrong in life, I watch Kail and her friends lounge on the beach as Kail admits they have filed for divorce. Her friend asks if the relationship can be salvaged and Kail says there is too much damage.

Once she is back from PR, Jo Rivera comes over to drop off Isaac and chat about what the future will hold with Javi coming home that night. Kail doesn’t seem to know but what she does know is that he’s getting home too late to come to her place and so the boys will see him tomorrow, then he will take Lincoln for a whole week. Jo says he wants to talk to Javi and make sure he doesn’t run hot and cold about his agreement to let the boys see each other on the regular. Jo draws on his past experience with Kail and how discouraged he felt when he wanted to see Isaac and they were breaking up. He doesn’t want Javi to feel that way but Kail blows right past his expression of feelings and keeps blabbing on about herself.

The next day, Javi comes in and the kids are so excited but it’s quickly overshadowed by Kail and Javi bickering about him borrowing their car seats for his new truck five minutes after he’s through the door. Kail finally gives in and decides to ride with them while Javi drops them off at camp. She sits icily in the front seat until Javi finally cracks her by talking about his new house. Isaac excitedly assumes he is getting his own room and puts in his request for décor. Kail immediately tells him he won’t have his own room. The look of disappointment on his face is heartbreaking.

Teen Mom 2 recap

Leah Messer’s part of West Virginia is flooded from storms and in a state of emergency. Jeremy Calvert came back to help his family with their destroyed house and Leah agreed to let him have Addie while she remembers she has to move into her new house next week. Seriously, she said she forgot. Her landlord won’t accept that as an excuse to move in later and prorate her rent and we find out Leah is paying $1,850/month for that house. IN RURAL WEST VIRGINIA. What the heck? Is it just me or is Leah getting ripped off?

Back to the drama – Leah said she was supposed to get Addie back today but Jeremy sent her a text saying he’s taking her to Ohio with him. Leah is pissed, claiming she “volunteered” to take her and now I can’t understand what was supposed to happen here (much like Leah). I’m pretty sure we aren’t getting the full story here, especially since Leah has been putting up such a stink about Jeremy spending time with Addie. Now he is, but that’s still a problem.

While Leah can’t seem to reach Jeremy, the producers finally get a call from him. Jeremy snaps that he sent Leah a text message earlier that morning and she is acting like they never talk about this stuff. Is this an example of the poor edits the dads are getting?

Leah’s sister jumps in with her two cents, ratty ponytail askew, yelling about how Jeremy being defensive proves that he is guilty of being wrong. Leah flails her arms about how “AS A MOM,” she needs to know where her kids are. Fair enough but I’m quite sure there have been times where Leah didn’t even know where her kids were when they were actually with her. After all that yelling, when Jeremy calls the producer again, Leah refuses to pick up and speak with him because she needs “better communication” about their daughter. Wouldn’t picking up the phone to speak with him be a good start?


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