Teen Mom 2 Recap: Secrets And Lies

With so much deception going on with the moms of Teen Mom 2, it would be hard to keep up if they weren’t all so obvious. Now I know since filming has wrapped months ago and the moms are active on social media, what’s going down on this season isn’t exactly a surprise to anyone. We are just seeing HOW it goes down, which unfortunately, still doesn’t offer a whole lot of clarity for the viewer.

Jenelle Evans finally admits on camera that she’s 13 weeks pregnant and David Eason says his stomach is still full of butterflies (again). She reveals that the real reason behind her lying to the producers about being pregnant is because they wanted to wait until she knew the gender and was past 12 weeks. Instead, everyone found out via police report, which Jenelle deems “the trashiest way possible.” I get that Jenelle wanted to control how and when she announced her pregnancy but I doubt the reaction to her announcement would have been any different, given her history on the show and how many haters she has. Regardless, Jenelle is legitimately baffled as to why everyone can’t be happy for her when they are so happy for fellow cast mate, Chelsea Houska.


Nathan Griffith and his bros get together to fight over protein bars and gossip about Jenelle’s pregnancy. They say it’s a modern day Brady Bunch and it sounds to me like they have never actually watched the Brady Bunch or they wouldn’t be saying that. Nathan thinks Jenelle’s pregnancy could get him full custody of Kaiser because she wouldn’t be able to handle it all. If you’re like me, here’s the part where I had to rewind my DVR 3 times: Nathan says Jenelle should have eloped with David in Vegas but instead mispronounces the word and says “elooped.” I think all those protein shakes are killing what little brain cells he has left.

As much as Jenelle doesn’t want to admit to her pregnancy, she sure doesn’t seem to be taking any additional steps to hide it. She takes Barb and the kids to see their plot of land and swamp hike all the way to where their house will eventually sit. And what does she choose to wear to this casual adventure? A skin tight mini dress, of course. Barb asks her if there is anything she would like to tell her and an exasperated Jenelle snaps NO.

Teen Mom 2 recap

A few days later, Jenelle and David finalize their purchase of the land while Barb takes Jace out to lunch. Barb has put the very obvious pieces together that Jenelle is pregnant, thanks to looking “fat” in once particular area of her stomach. Detective Barb sure took her time figuring out this cold case. While eating, Jace reveals he wants to stay with Barb and she assures him not to worry about it.

Chelsea is back to wedding planning, which is overwhelming just to think about. Once she thinks about it more, she decides to ask fiancé Cole DeBoer if he would be willing to get married on that day but postpone the actual wedding ceremony so they can just focus on the baby for now. He completely agrees and they take Dad Randy out to lunch to tell him the plan. He’s also supportive and it’s hard to argue with their logic –wedding planning and preparing for a baby is a lot to handle.

Chelsea takes Aubree to t-ball and Adam Lind shows up with his girlfriend and his usual stank attitude. Producer Mandi uses this opportunity to confront Adam about ditching her the last time they were supposed to film and Adam stonewalls her. After dropping a bunch of f bombs and basically telling Mandi to go fly a kite, she has no choice but to leave him to his own inner roid rage. And he wonders why he gets a bad rap on the show!

Teen Mom 2 recap

Leah Messer is still blathering on about how great her co-parenting relationship is with ex Corey Simms and how (other ex) Jeremy Calvert almost ruined it by accidentally telling Corey about her vacation plans before she did. I honestly don’t see what the big deal is and Corey doesn’t seem to care so why is Leah still stuck on it? Because Leah needs something to be stuck on that is completely pointless. Corey has more important things to worry about, like his kids going to a school that’s currently flooded, which is what Leah should be focused on as well.

At a pick up, Leah talks to Corey about the whole school situation and wears her best “I’m rotten to the core” slogan t-shirt. She talks again about how great their co-parenting situation is and how they can teach their girls a life lesson, presumably about getting along.

As for two people who are definitely not getting along, big trouble at Kailyn Lowry’s house. Soon-to-be ex husband (but not yet) Javi Marroquin showed up at the house to get something and they got into a huge fight with the kids there. After it’s all over, a mic’d up producer goes in to talk to Kail but she won’t allow the cameras, so we can hear the drama but can’t see it. According to Kail, Javi wanted to know who was there and she told him none of his business. So someone is there, which explains why Kail is so crazy about keeping Javi away from the house. As if that isn’t bad enough, we hear the kids asking Kail why she is fighting with their dad and why he can’t live with them. Isaac is crying and saying he is not okay.

In the aftermath, Jo Rivera gets a frantic text and then call from Kail to take Isaac back for the week, even though he just dropped him off with her. No one knows what is going on since Kail insists on saying nothing more than, “this is not good,” but Jo dutifully gets Isaac and remains calm. Vee does her best to console a crying Isaac in the car as they drive home.

Teen Mom 2 recap

Kail refuses to talk on camera about the whole thing so the producers go to Javi’s hotel to get his side of the story and we get some clarity. Javi asked if he could come and get something and Kail claimed she was at Wal-mart but Javi showed up anyway to find Kail’s car there, along with someone else’s. Javi understandably didn’t want to leave Lincoln there with some guy he’s never met so that’s when the argument started. Considering Javi isn’t even allowed in his own house after six months of being deployed and Kail already has someone another guy hanging out there, it’s pretty mature of Javi to not only remain calm but say that she should be most concerned about Isaac, who is struggling with all this change.

Once Isaac is at Jo’s house, he talks to him about what happened that day and Isaac doesn’t understand why his mom won’t let him see Javi’s house. He is clearly very upset and Jo reassures him that he will talk to Kail and make sure he can still see Lincoln. Is anyone else’s heart breaking over this? Kail is getting harder and harder to like each week, that is, if you liked her at all.

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