Summer House Cast Might Be Violating Rental Regulations In Montauk; Kyle Cook Explains How He Effortlessly Got On The Show & Responds To The Criticism

We get it: there are some people in Montauk that aren’t happy about the show Summer House being associated with their city. Here’s the thing though: the most publicity this show gets is from the Montauk residents and government officials who speak out against it, so irony is just too good there.  Not only are some Montauk natives against the reality TV show, now there’s a new grievance against the cast since there’s a possibility that they are violating the law with the number of people they have staying in the house.

And in other “not giving a shit” news related to Summer House, Kyle Cooke gave zero f***s when it came to getting cast for the show and he continues to party on despite the local haters.


If I didn’t want people to associate something with me, then I would not be talking about it CONSTANTLY. That’s what baffles my mind when it comes to anyone from Montauk who’s against Summer House shooting there. I get the point about preserving their beloved town and all that, but the cast has done nothing to the town and they’re not representing Montauk. They’re representing themselves- period.

Nevertheless, the Montauk naysayers are still speaking out. Chamber of Commerce President Paul Monte talked to Patch about the possible rental violations. Apparently only four unrelated people are allowed to stay in the same summer house. Monte remarked, “To us, that’s flagrantly saying, ‘Okay, guys, come on out and get a share house. ‘Summer House’ has nine people. . .come out and do the same. ”

So what does Bravo have to say about that? Jason Tolbert, the director of publicity for the PR company behind Summer House, explained that the cast was not violating any rules: “The rental registry law states that up to four unrelated people can be registered for the house. In this case, five people were legally registered, as two of them were related (the Wirkus sisters).” But what about the rest of the cast. Apparently the “other four cast members featured in the show were simply visitors” and Tolbert emphasized “the fact that they’re visitors is actually addressed in the series.”

Apparently that isn’t good enough for the Chamber of Commerce President since he said Summer House is “violating, at least, the spirit of the law.” Well, violating the “spirit of the law” and actually violating the law are two very different things.

And since that point really makes no sense, Monte just reverted back to the original (yet repetitive) argument: “The show is awful. Montauk shouldn’t even be referenced in it, as far as I’m concerned,” Monte said. The cast doesn’t even do anything that bad. There have been WAY worse antics on reality TV shows in the past. At this point, the Montauk naysayers are associating Summer House with Montauk more often than the show ever mentions it.

The show pretty much consists of them having pool parties at their own house and making booty calls to exes. It really does nothing to disparage the town of Montauk or its establishments in any way.

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If they need some lessons in being more chill, the Montauk officials should just look to Summer House star Kyle. He does not seem to give an eff about much and I’m living for it. In a world of people who would do anything to get on reality TV, Kyle ended up on this show without really trying. In an interview with Page Six, he admitted, “I responded to a casting email for s–ts and giggles.” And that attitude is exactly why he makes for good TV.

So how did Bravo get in touch with Kyle out of nowhere? It all comes back to the Wirkus twins. Kyle revealed, “I’ve been going up to Montauk for years … and as it turns out, the same producers were talking to the twins [cast mates Ashley and Lauren Wirkus] and one thing led to another and we were starting to round up our group of friends who we had already done houses with.” Easy enough.

What does Kyle think about all the chatter about some Montauk officials and residents being less than supportive of Summer House? Kyle surmises, “I understand that they’re dealing with a lot in terms of crowds and such, so anytime that a town is gaining popularity to the point where capacity is an issue, any town is going to push back when they hear it’s going to be a TV show. I think that’s completely normal.” Exactly. And in all honesty, no one is associating these weekend residents with the town itself. They are commuting from Manhattan and filming a show that’s about their lives on the weekend, not Montauk specifically.

It is just par for the course in all honesty. Not everyone is going to be supportive of everything, but it’s just the negative Nancy’s who make the headlines. Kyle explained,  “We went out in Montauk every single weekend, we filmed all over Montauk, we also filmed all over the Hamptons. Everyone welcomed us in, supportive of the show, and sure we get a little rowdy, but we’re all professionals and treat the town and anybody we met with respect.” What has this cast done to disrespect the town or any of its establishments or residents? Sure, they’ve talked shit about and to each other, but they have not disrupted Montauk…. from what we’ve seen so far.

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Personally, I think the show is hilarious entertainment. Keep on partying, kids. I support you and hope there’s a second season, especially since Kyle said, “We’re all on board. It’s very easy for us to say hell yes, let’s do it again.” If they don’t party in Montauk, they’re going to do it somewhere else if Bravo wants to film this show and I’m all for it. There are bigger problems in the world than people getting drunk at a local bar.


[Photo Credit: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo]