Say It Ain’t So! Chef Ben Robinson Will Not Return To Below Deck!

It is with a heavy heart that we must inform you: Ben Robinson, cheeky chef and low-key Lothario of the high seas, will not be returning to Below Deck next season. Oh the humanity! One season of crankiness and now he’s OUT?! The Below Deck and Below Deck Mediterranean star reportedly had contract negotiation issues with Bravo, though details are vague.

With Kate Chastain facing legal fallout from the domestic battery charge brought against her last year, and now Ben’s abrupt departure from the franchise, one has to wonder: Will there be a whole cast shakeup? I’ve just got one request for Bravo – people, we beg you, no more Chef Beefcheeks! Leon Walker is no beuno, no matter how hard up casting might be.


Ben, who appeared in four seasons of Below Deck and in the pilot season of Below Deck Mediterranean did admit the back-to-back filming took a toll.

“It’s a lot,” said Ben of going straight from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean for filming last year. “I mean, I think I was just kind of on a rollercoaster ride when I showed up. I was just thrown straight into the fire again. It was different.”

Admitting he was crankier than usual on season four of Below Deck, Ben decided to channel Rihanna – found love in a hopeless place! Ben and Emily Warburton-Adams started up an on-board romance (courtesy of Kate’s prodding), which still seems to be going strong on land months later.

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In fact, Ben and Emily have also started an online cooking show, which highlights healthy, easy recipes for home cooks, as well as a lighthearted Q & A session at the end of every segment.

Thus for now, YouTube might be the only place we can get our Bemily fix. Page Six reports that Ben’s contract talks with Bravo “had been in rough waters for the last couple of seasons,” ending with Ben‘s decision to leave the franchise altogether.

With season five of BD and season two of BD-Med both greenlit, it will be interesting to see what new characters will be swinging pans and cursing soundly in the galleys of multi-million dollar yachts. But I, for one, will miss our dearly departed Ben. He’s a cranky wanker at times, yes. But he’s OUR cranky wanker!


Photo Credit: Bravo