Teen Mom 2 recap

On this episode of Teen Mom 2, Leah Messer finally takes the girls on the vacation she’s been talking about (to everyone but her exes), Chelsea Houska sends Aubree off to her first day of first grade, Kailyn Lowry officially files for divorce from Javi Marroquin, and Jenelle Evans decides to announce her pregnancy to the world that is already fully aware, thanks to a police report.

Not surprising to anyone, Leah couldn’t get the kids’ passports back on time so her plans to go to Mexico are out of the question. Ex Jeremy Calvert is relieved to hear this, as he’s been worried from the jump about what a dangerous place a family-friendly resort on the coast of Mexico could be. So California it is!


It’s a miracle, but Leah manages to get the family to their flight to California on time. On their first day on the West coast, Leah has them meet a yoga instructor to do yoga on the beach. Why anyone would want to spend their kids’ vacation time doing yoga is beyond me but the kids manage to be entertained enough to finish and hopefully get rewarded with something they might actually want to do while in California. Luckily, Leah takes them to a water park the next day and there are no downward facing dogs in sight.

Later, Leah takes her friend Maddy for BBQ and talks about how great the vacation has been. But talk quickly turns to how Ali seems to be craving more independence and she has a doctor’s appointment coming up soon to be re-fit for her wheelchair. Leah knows that Ali will likely face a decrease in mobility around the age of seven and gets emotional talking about it. It’s a nice moment to just see Leah completely focused on how much she loves her daughter.

Teen Mom 2 recap

Kail hasn’t talked to Javi since their big fight last week and Jo Rivera comes over to try and talk some sense into her. Good luck with that, Jo! Kail feebly tries to explain to him that Javi showed up unexpectedly at his own house! Can you imagine the nerve! *note the sarcasm here* I get it, they are separated, but Kail needs to chill. It’s their house, not her house and she should give Javi a break considering he just got back from being deployed and is completely displaced. Jo reminds her that everyone needs to act like an adult and the fighting can’t continue to happen with the kids. He mentions how traumatized Isaac was and Kail looks totally unaffected. She might have silently nodded and I missed it but I don’t think so.

Javi is now at the point where he’s finding it easy to move on too. I don’t totally buy his indifference, I think he really just doesn’t have a choice so he’s trying his best to avoid being emotional about the fact that he is driving around town with a friend, thinking he might accidentally see his wife out with another guy. Javi says he’s more upset about how this is affecting Isaac as opposed to the fact that Kail has chosen to end their marriage and he felt ready to sign the divorce papers she sent.

Jo continues to try to do damage control and goes to talk to Isaac, who is adorably organizing the stuffed animals on his bed. Isaac wants to see Lincoln so Jo calls Javi to set up a time later that day. When they meet for ice cream, Isaac and Lincoln rush into each other’s arms to hug. How sweet it that? As the kids eat their ice cream, Jo and Javi go outside to talk about what happened with Kail. Javi apologized immediately that the fight happened in front of the kids and Jo just wants to prevent it from happening again. They share a good moment and hug it out at the end. If only Kail could be this mature right now!

Teen Mom 2 recap

Chelsea is busy getting Aubree off to her first day of first grade. Aubree looks so adorable with her jean outfit and giant bow in her hair! Chelsea can’t believe how big Aubree has gotten and marvels at how she’s feeling very mommish, picking up her first grader while pregnant with her next child. Aubree has a successful first day at school and is rewarded with a nice big lollipop.

As for the next item to check off her list, Chelsea meets her wedding planner, Loghin, to break the news that she is going to move the wedding ceremony and celebration back a year. Loghin figured that would happen and is ready to get to work on moving things around.

Now we have to be subjected to Adam Lind having screen time, but don’t worry, it’s short and since he’s refusing to cooperate with producers, we don’t even have to hear him grunt at the cameras at all when he shows up for Aubree’s softball game. He tries to get Aubree’s attention and she gives him a quick hi and keeps moving, trying to keep her game face on. Apparently, Adam hasn’t been calling and obviously missed her first day of school. After the game, Randy has to tell Aubree to go say hello to her dad.

Teen Mom 2 recap

Jenelle and third (?) baby daddy David Eason head to their sonogram and find out she’s having a girl. Jenelle immediately says she can “finally stop after this” as in, stop having kids, now that she is having a girl. At lunch, David quickly asks if she really means that. As if they need any more kids! They still haven’t told anyone she is pregnant and Jenelle decides she is going to “reveal” their pregnancy to the world with a gender themed photo shoot, even though the world already knows. Then they pick out a baby name from what I’m assuming was a Pinterest post on unique baby girl names (Ensley) and talk turns to last names. Jenelle says she won’t hyphenate the baby’s last name because she also plans on changing Jace’s last name to David’s once she gets him back. Are you guys having a hard time keeping up with all this? Yeah, me too.

After their photo shoot, complete with flower crown and pink balloon, Jenelle posts their “news” including her due and the name they JUST picked out. Jenelle shrugs off that her mom, Barbara Evans, will be mad she didn’t tell her before announcing it on social media.

The next day, they meet Barb for lunch with all the kids and show Jace the picture, asking him if he knows what it means. Of course he doesn’t know what it means – he’s a kid! Once they explain it to him, Jace speaks for all of us and says he’s not excited. Barb wishes Jenelle would have told her instead of having to find out from her coworkers at Wal-Mart. Jenelle gives some lame excuse that they did the announcement pictures at 7 pm at night and it was “too late” to call her and tell her. Barb immediately wants to know if Jenelle is going to get her tubes tied and Jenelle scoffs at the idea because that would be way too responsible of her. After lunch, Jenelle tries to talk to Jace about having another baby and he tells her it’s not right. Even a little kid can see it.

Teen Mom 2 recap


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