Teen Mom 2 Recap: Double Standards

This week’s episode of Teen Mom 2 continues to center around the drama that Kailyn Lowry and Jenelle Evans always bring to the table. Kail is giving us a severe case of whiplash when it comes to her moods on soon-to-be ex, Javi Marroquin, and Jenelle is steady as ever in her plot to take back full custody of Kaiser as soon as Nathan Griffin slips up (and he doesn’t keep us waiting long). Chelsea Houska continues to prepare for the arrival of her baby with fiancé Cole DeBoer while Leah Messer shuttles the girls back and forth between dads and mumbles her way through life.

We open with Jenelle calling Barbara Evans because she is supposed to get Jace for the weekend but a last minute work (work?!) trip has come up in New York and she wants permission to take Jace along. Barb is not feeling it because that would mean Jace would have to miss most of the day of school in order to attend. Jenelle goes from a polite ask to level 8 on the petulant teenager scale of rudeness as she explains to Barbara how work is a guy from the UK who wants her to promote some product and she can’t just tell someone from another country to work around Jace’s school schedule.


Barb, much like the rest of the viewers, is less than impressed and Jenelle just becomes angrier she isn’t getting her way. I get it that a girls gotta eat, but if Jenelle is the one who is promoting the product, shouldn’t this mysterious UK guy be working around HER schedule?

Later, Jenelle and boyfriend David Eason take Kaiser out for pizza and Jenelle gleefully pulls up a new police report on Nathan on her phone to read off the charges. Allegedly, Nathan broke into his ex-girlfriend’s house at 4 AM and choked her while yelling something about getting back together. This all sounds familiar to Jenelle, who says Kaiser was supposed to be with Nathan that weekend, so it’s time to meet with her lawyer who is undoubtedly on speed dial. Jenelle has to revisit her custody case with Jace anyway so she will just continue to keep her lawyer in business for the foreseeable future.

Nathan must have a side to the story and goes to lunch with his roommate to fuel up on protein and explain. Except that he doesn’t even mention it really. He says something about being there lawfully and then his roommate changes the topic to how Jenelle is enjoying all of this. Instead of being annoyed, Nathan seems to enjoy looking at things that way and says he will always love her for being the mother of his child. Meanwhile, the mother of his child is already in her lawyer’s office bringing up Nathan’s arrest and asking if they can use it against him to modify the custody agreement they just came to.

Teen Mom 2 recap

Chelsea and Cole are having a good time preparing for their baby and Cole has even finished a hand crafted crib – very impressive! It’s also Aubree’s seventh birthday and she gets what every little girl dreams of – a bow and arrow set. She does seem pleased so who am I to judge?

The one dark spot in all of this? Adam Lind didn’t show up at all for Aubree’s birthday. Correction – he didn’t just NOT show up, he didn’t call or text either. Chelsea is understandably upset on Aubree’s behalf and doesn’t understand how Adam can do this. I can – HE SUCKS.

Teen Mom 2 recap

Leah meets Corey Simms and the girls at the hospital so Aleeah can be tested to see if she carries the same muscular dystrophy gene Ali has. Aleeah takes the blood draw like a champ and now they wait for the results. Later, after many months on the road working out of state, Jeremy Calvert lets Leah know he is likely coming home soon and suggests they surprise Addie with a reunion in person this coming Saturday.

Once Saturday rolls around, Leah is at her grandmother’s house and upset that Jeremy has pushed back their meeting time today by a whole two and a half hours. She goes back to talking about communication and how they have to communicate, communicate, communicate and I’m starting to think that’s the only big-girl word she knows (much like Kail and her use of co-parenting). Leah’s grandmother reminds her that she can’t chase down a “dead beat dad” and wow, that escalated really quickly.

Shortly after this conversation, Jeremy arrives at a park to surprise Addie and all is right with the world as Leah leaves to go “communicate” elsewhere.

Teen Mom 2 recap

Kail has been stressed out (ugh, so many eye rolls here) so she took a last minute trip to Hawaii without MTV. Must be nice! While Kail gets her groove back, Javi took Lincoln to the beach with his family, but spends his time there crying about how he misses his family and doesn’t like coming home to an empty house. Poor Javi. I’m not saying he didn’t play a role in their divorce because let’s face it, it takes two to tango, but man, at least he seems emotionally invested in what has happened. Kail couldn’t squeeze out a tear about her divorce if her life depended on it!

Back from Hawaii, Kail picks up Lincoln and proceeds to text while driving her BMW on the way to pick up Isaac. Once they all arrive home, Kail is excited to show off her swimming with sharks videos and let’s just say Isaac’s reaction is pretty in line with anyone who wasn’t invited on a vacation but is forced to watch how great it was after the fact.

Later, Javi comes over before filming starts and the rest of the episode is everyone (producers included) trying to figure out what happened while no cameras were rolling. According to Javi, Kail was crying and wants to be friends/work it out/whatever. According to Kail, that never happened. When the cameras do arrive, Kail does seem to be in unusually good spirits, talking about going to the same Drake concert Javi is going to and even being hypocritical enough to happily grill him on who is going with and if he’s dating someone. Is this the same girl who refused to even let her husband come home to their shared house after being deployed for six months because he didn’t deserve to know any of her business? Yep, it is.

Once Javi leaves, a producer relays to Kail how Javi said she was crying and she shuts it down immediately, denying it happened and refusing to talk about her relationship with Javi on camera anymore, citing that she wants to keep her relationship with him private. Unfortunately, when you’re paid to be on a reality show, you have to film the good and the bad. Can someone give Kail the memo?

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