Jenelle Evans Is Too Busy For Full-Time Custody Of Jace! Plus, Teen Mom Sex Tapes – Are Jenelle And Mackenzie McKee Next?

Jenelle Evans promotes Teen Mom 2

Jenelle Evans has so much going on in her life: being in and out of courtrooms, in and out of love with Nathan Griffith, tweeting, like going to school and stuff, that she doesn’t have time for custody of son Jace, 6

The Teen Mom 2 star claims to be currently working out an agreement with her mom Barbara Evans to assume partial-custody of Jace, but she really doesn’t have time to be a full-time mom to him, with like her demanding life and her other kid, Kaiser

After rekindling things with Nathan – again – (following another recent arrest for domestic violence), Jenelle swears this time her life is back on track and insists everything is just great between Barbara and herself! And this time she’s really changed and is, like, super mature now


“We’re trying to work together, me and my mom, to try to come up with a solution,” Jenelle claimed. “We’ve been on good terms lately and especially because she sees that I’m just trying to get myself prepared for my future. And she sees that’s the most important thing to me right now, and I think she appreciates that a lot.” Jenelle graduates from a two-year medical associates program this month and is ecstatic about her career prospects. And all the stress of school, plus raising 1-year-old Kaiser,  is why she doesn’t have time for Jace. I guess that’s better than her usual excuses of partying… 

“I’m so busy with school and my externship. I’m trying to tell my mom, my lawyer, and everyone, I’m like, ‘Look, I know Jace is important right now, but, you know, my graduation is coming up in July.’ So I mean, that is just, it’s the no. 1 priority right now,” Jenelle complains to Us Weekly. Mom of the year, folks! 

Plus Jenelle doesn’t have time for two kids. Like duh! “I was like, I want to do part-time because I’m so busy with Kaiser during the week and I want to spend time with him,” Jenelle continued. “And then on the weekends I have Jace, so I’ll never have a break from anything. So I really just want to take that time to just spend time with Kaiser.”

Wow – Jenelle, so Kaiser is more important than Jace. You’re more important than Jace, yet according to Nathan, he is a waaaaay, waaaaay better parent than Barbara. My heart breaks for Jace – it is disgusting how self-absorbed and delusional Jenelle is.  

And in other Jenelle news, it seems Vivid Entertainment, the company behind Farrah Abraham‘s record breaking sex tape, is trying to recapture that success with other Teen Moms!

Jenelle told The Ashley Vivid solicited her to make a sex tape, but she, being the blushing and innocent lady that she is, turned them down. “They contacted my lawyer and wanted to offer me $1.5 million [to do a sex tape],” reveals Jenelle. “I told my lawyer to respond for me and say, ‘No thank you, not interested but flattered.’” $1.5 million – pffft – that would barely cover this year’s legal bills! 

Apparently Jenelle thinks the choices she’s made are so much classier and healthier than stooping to the level of a sex tape! “My future and reputation is more important than gaining a quick buck,” she scoffs. “And it’s against my morals as a person. That’s just so disrespectful to yourself.” Jenelle has morals now… huh! Apparently those morals don’t include caring for her child. 

Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee caught in a sex tape drama!

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However, one Teen Mom is possibly taking Vivid up on their offer! Mackenzie McKee, who recently secured herself a new pair of implants, confirmed Vivid is in possession of some sexytimes footage of her! 

The former Teen Mom 3 star doesn’t clarify what (or who) is on the tape, but when she learned that Vivid had it and was offering her a deal to release it Mackenzie had her attorney promptly fire off a threatening letter to the porn giant. 

The letter from Mackenzie’s attorney, verified by TMZ, acknowledged existence of such tape, but explicitly (see what I did there!) stated it will remain private or the company risks a serious lawsuit. 

There’s no word on how Vivid found themselves in possession of the clandestine footage – or what type of offer the company has made Mackenzie in exchange for its release – but Mac, via her attorney, has given the company 10 days to reveal the details of where they obtained the tape and what possible intentions they have with the footage. Obviously Vivid knows it cannot be released without Mackenzie’s signature – unlike most of the Teen Moms, they’re not stupid. 

Mackenzie has been married to Josh McKee for 2 years, but the couple has had some serious ups and downs – including a temporary separation and Josh battling drug addiction. They’re back on … for now… . 

Hmmm… this is oddly suspicious to how Farrah’s drama with Vivid began; first posturing with accusations about stolen footage, then with threats about it being illegally obtained, then lots of loving Jesus tweets, and then Boom! – a porn career was born. Let’s hope James Deen learned his lesson about dealing with Teen Mom stars and didn’t succumb to round 2 (I SERIOUSLY KID!)

Of course, with news of Mackenzie’s bedroom adventures possibly reaching the light of day, other Teen Moms are speaking out declaring themselves far too unimpeachably perfect for such misbehaviors. 

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 12.49.35 PM

Chelsea Houska complained on twitter about sex tapes becoming the new Teen Mom fallback plan. “Hasn’t this been done already ..?” she wondered. Prompting Javi Marroquin to respond with smiley faces. Chelsea joked “You and Kail next?” Please don’t give them any ideas (I KID!). 


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