Little Women: LA Recap On Thin Ice

Last night, Little Women: LA welcomed a new baby boy into their lives!

Jasmine Sorge’s second son, Benjamin Michael, came screaming into the world at 8 pounds and 21 inches long – triggering a few complications for mama during delivery (don’t panic – all is well). Meanwhile, Briana Renee was rushed to the hospital with her own health scare. And here I thought Tonya Banks, Christy McGinity Gibel, and Terra Jole were the ones with health issues? It seems like bad luck is striking just about everyone in the group this year – with the exception of Elena Gant, who is busy nursing her grudges, though the expiration date on them is just about up.


Jasmine’s pregnancy has been tough, but her last ultrasound reassures her that her baby is doing great. She’s not sure if he’ll be a little person or not, but she just wants a healthy child – as any mother would. Meanwhile, Tonya, Kerwin, and daughter Angelique are planning Tonya’s patio reboot. She doesn’t want it to say “disco lounge,” but she isn’t trying to make a man cave out here for Kerwin either. Angelique is trying to be a Disney performer and wants to live at home until further notice. Tonya is all, “I don’t want TWO kids here!” She does want Kerwin to make an honest woman of her though. But Kerwin’s not so sure.

At home, Terra bemoans losing her entire identity because IN CASE YOU HAVEN’T HEARD, she just left Dancing With The Stars. Now she has to focus on issues like raising children, which isn’t nearly as glamorous. She’s also trying to pick up the pieces of her busted up friendships – especially with Elena, who harbors resentment over Terra dropping everyone for the show.

In positive news, Tonya’s Bell’s Palsy has cleared up and she doesn’t have to sport the eye patch any longer! When she visits Elena, they celebrate Tonya’s health for a moment before navigating stormier seas: Elena’s fight with Terra. Tonya wants peace (HA!), so she asks Elena to come ice skating with the group to hash things out. Because that always goes so well on this show. Plus, Tonya says she’s the “black swan” on ice, which we absolutely must bear witness to.

Over at Briana and Matt Ericson [Grundhoffer’s] house, Briana is still struggling with her emotions. She may have postpartum depression, and is heading to a therapist in the next few weeks. In the mean time, her focus is on family and the ritual dusting off Matt’s pleather jacket each Fall. She and Matt want to get testing done on baby Maverick, whose dwarfism brings risks of breathing complications (among other things). Maverick has been hitting his monthly milestones (yay!), but Briana wants to stay on top of his health. She was in a stroller until age 11, so she naturally fears for her own children, both of whom are little people.

Elsewhere, Tonya and Terra head out to dinner, where Terra complains about her post-surgery restrictions. But before she can even pull up her shirt to flash a hernia or two, Tonya redirects the conversation to Elena. She wants Terra and Elena to bury the hatchet at ice skating, but Terra thinks it’s a ridiculous idea. A ridiculous idea she’s willing to film, however! Because, paychecks. Tonya just wants Terra to remember who her real friends are.

It’s delivery time for Jasmine! As she and Chris head to the hospital, Jasmine feels anxious about the high risk nature of her baby’s birth (which will be done by C-section). She also doesn’t want morphine, as it made her dizzy and nauseous with her last C-section. After they’re scrubbed up and settled in, Chris kisses Jasmine before she’s wheeled into surgery.


Cut to Tonya now reconsidering that man cave for Kerwin. If she wants a husband, this might be her best bet in securing one, I guess? In any case, there’s a pool table on a patio as proof of her eternal love. She wants to take this sh*t to “the next level.” She’s even been referring to Kerwin as her husband ever since he unpacked his duffel bag here – so why not? Kerwin’s like….um, slow your roll, boss lady! (Is he aware that Tonya thinks she’s already married to him? #SoManyQuestions)


Back at the hospital, baby Benjamin (who was almost baby Harrison!) is in Jasmine’s arms, and he is just precious. Chris and Jasmine’s mom are on standby as Jasmine starts to feel short of breath and nauseated. Did the doc give her morphine after all? As she slowly recovers, Jasmine frets that she can’t hold her baby during these first moments. Poor mama. 🙁  It will be okay!

At the ice rink, TerraTonya, Joe, and Kerwin plan to meet up with Elena and Preston after they wander through an LSD-inspired fun house. No Elena so far, but Briana and Matt are on their way – until Briana’s extreme abdominal pain makes her think she’s having appendicitis. Yikes.


In tears, Briana finds Terra to tell her what’s going on while Matt runs for a wheelchair. Terra and Tonya comfort her as she waits, but Tonya wonders what the real truth is here? According to Tonya, Briana’s had these “stomach issues” before at suspect times. I dunno. It seems pretty real to me, but one never knows with Bonnie and f**cking Clyde! Tonya thinks some prune juice would most definitely take care of this situation.


After Briana is whisked away, Elena and Preston arrive. And Elena’s icy treatment of Terra doesn’t bode well for the evening. Nor does the ice skating itself, as Terra refuses to partake. Elena’s all, You can dance but not skate? Pffffffffft! On the sidelines, Joe piles on by criticizing Terra for pushing herself too hard on DWTS, which resulted in some fame, sure, but ultimately caused health issues that are affecting their family. Terra doesn’t agree, but takes Joe’s criticisms fairly well (for her).

Terra’s not ready to deal with Elena’s gloating yet though – but deal with it she must! For Elena is next on deck to say “I told you so.” (And she literally does just that after she returns from skating.) Barely able to conceal her glee at Terra suffering the repercussions of pushing herself too hard, Elena still thinks Terra chose fame over family and friends. Terra takes umbrage to Elena’s delivery, though, which was pretty brutal. Elena agrees, apologizing for her harsh words. However, she stands by her sentiment.


“I miss having you in my life,” says Elena, who does get why Terra went after what she wanted. She just thinks Terra took things to an extreme, and wonders where their friendship stands now. Crying, Terra confesses she feels a chasm between them too. She doesn’t even know Elena’s baby boys, and she thought they’d be raising their babies together. Aww. It all turns into a love fest next when Elena gushes about how she loves and admires Terra, and how Terra has changed her life. <side eye>

In the end, Terra understands that Tonya, Joe, and Elena have her best interests at heart. Elena coming at her with all of her Russian fierceness just got things a bit twisted.

Hey – where the hell was Christy this episode?! Man, talk about icy treatment.


Photo Credit: Lifetime