Little Women: LA Recap: Monster Drama At Monster Jam

Little Women: LA recap

Are you guys still with me for the second part of Little Women: LA? Like the episode itself, let’s jump right into the action with Terra Jole and Elena Gant enjoying a play date with their kids. Oh my gosh, how cute are these kids?

Cute kids aside, the talk turns Elena’s recent meeting with Briana Renee’s friend, Lisa, who told her that Matt Ericson has been inappropriately texting when they have marital disagreements. Terra has her own bone to pick with Briana and is still mad that she went behind her back to try and get represented by her manager. I wish we didn’t have to spend a whole episode getting to the bottom of this but I am getting the sneaky suspicion that Terra isn’t going to let this go anytime soon (talking about it the last three episodes should have tipped me off).



Briana is meeting up with Lisa, who has been worried about her postpartum/anxiety/crap husband issues, like any good friend would. Lisa is worried about Briana alright, but more along the lines of the crap husband part. While Briana stares blankly, Lisa recounts her dealings with Matt, from the drunken text messages asking for rides, to saying he needs a more grown up woman, all with tears in her eyes. Briana can’t understand what the big deal is but I guess when your husband has been busted sexting everyone from transsexual strangers to your friends, this is small potatoes. When Lisa reveals that she went to Elena and Jasmine Sorge about her concerns, she finally gets a reaction out of Briana, who starts crying and storms out, saying she was betrayed.

Inspector Terra calls her manager Roy to discuss setting up a meeting with a publisher to write her book and to get the lowdown on what happened with Briana (again?). Roy to tell her what happened and he explains that Terra’s suspicions were correct: it felt like Briana had an ulterior motive. Terra doesn’t know how she can forgive Briana for this. Armed with this information, which is the same info she previously had, Terra know she has to confront Briana (again).

Elena and Preston got genetic testing done on her twins to see if they have dwarfism and they finally got the results. Cairo has the same form of dwarfism that Elena has and Xavier doesn’t. Elena is sad that Cairo will have to deal with some of the difficulties of having dwarfism and is scared. Preston, being the wonderfully supportive husband that he is, tries to reassure Elena that her son already has an advantage because of her. Later, Elena meets with the girls to tell them the news and while she gets an extremely understanding response from Jasmine, Terra and Tonya Banks dismiss her feelings a little too quickly for my liking. Ultimately, they redeem themselves by assuring Elena that there is no better family for Cairo to grow up in and they will always help her as friends.

Little Women: LA - Matt and Briana

As much as I don’t want to, we have to go back to Briana and Matt because Briana has finally decided to tell Matt what Lisa told her. As his face turns bright red (like that isn’t a sign right there), you can see the evil little hamster wheel in his head turning and churning out a response to defend himself and then put the blame back on Briana. Sure enough, he delivers and tells her of course he reached out to Lisa after she made him feel like he should kill himself because his life is over. Briana brushes off the blatant manipulation and decides that despite years of friendship with Lisa, she is the villain in all this.

Jasmine and Chris love Monster Jam, so much so that they have invited the whole crew to join them. She was hoping to talk to Briana about the whole Matt thing, but Briana shows up with him in tow so he can ruin everything, like he always does. Elena just wants to get drunk and eat in their private box so she can forget all about it.

After Tonya decides it’s too loud out there to keep watching trucks, most of the women head inside for some quiet but it won’t be peaceful. Jasmine and Elena confront Briana about the whole Lisa issue and Briana brushes the whole thing off, only angering Jasmine more. They let Briana know the magnitude of what they heard from Lisa but Briana is hell bent on having Lisa be the bad guy because Matt can do no wrong. To further that delusion, Briana doubles down that despite she just talked about what a long standing, close friend Lisa is, she has been flirting with Matt! When Jasmine and Elena point out how little sense this makes, Briana just shrugs, agreeing it’s weird but assuring them that Lisa wants her man. NO ONE wants your man, Briana. For realz.


Jasmine and Elena seem to have had enough but Terra hasn’t and decides to butt in with her confrontation of Briana for talking to her manager. She just wants Briana to admit it so they can move on but come on, we all know that 1) Briana won’t admit it and 2) they won’t move on from it if she does. Jasmine storms out while everyone argues, finally tired of dealing with it all and likely upset that Monster Jam was ruined.

After that debacle, Briana texts Elena and Jasmine, requesting to speak with them privately. She has some story about how she texted Lisa to let her know she was hurt and Lisa hasn’t responded and cut her off on social media. Jasmine knows there is more to the story but listens patiently as Briana spins the delusion of the day – that she is working on her life and her marriage and blah blah blah. Jasmine lets her know she is done dealing with the Matt stuff and admits she questions their friendship after seeing how quickly Briana is willing to cut out Lisa. Briana seems to think that her friends need to be like her husband, ride or die, but I’m sorry, you can’t have everyone backing up every mistake you make all the time. Some people in your life need to keep you grounded because they have your best interest in mind. I don’t think Briana will ever learn that lesson, at least not until it’s too late.


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