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Craig Conover Shares His Side Of The Bar Exam Story; Predicts Fans Will Side With His Girlfriend Naomie Olindo This Season

As per usual, pretty much everyone in the Southern Charm fandom has been giving Craig Conover a hard time about his (lack of) desire to become a lawyer. Not only that, but Craig’s girlfriend Naomie Olindo has joined in on the quest to motivate Craig to focus and finally take that bar exam.

And of course, Craig has a lot to say after another Craig-focused episode has aired. He shared his side of the story in a series of tweets.


After Craig came clean about never taking the bar exam at the end of last season, he has more haters than he did before. Craig tweeted, “As soon as I was allowed to take the Bar I took it. Im still confused as to what the problem is. It wasn’t a want thing, it wasn’t an option.” He continued, “Bar apps dont disappear bc u cant fill all the requirements yet. I was hoping to get the chance to finish before the due date #southerncharm.”

At this point, it seems like Craig is only going to come through for this bar exam just to silence the haters. He doesn’t seem very enthused about becoming a lawyer in all honesty, but I’m not trying to be a hater. I support (every reincarnation of) “New Craig.”

Craig had a lot more to say about the last Southern Charm episode and he shared his thoughts in a series of tweets. Craig wrote, “At least show the baseball part of the scene accurately. [Shep Rose] & I crushed balls for over an hour. You show the first 4 balls I’ve taken in over 3 years, don’t even show @ShepRose crushing any of his, then end the scene w/ me in a different cage w/o ever explaining. I don’t see why it has to be so dark all the time. Some positivity is good. #southerncharm”

Unfortunately for Craig, positivity isn’t as interesting as drama when it comes to reality television.

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In lighter news, Craig revealed that he actually had no opinion on Landon Clements‘s travel site Roam because he “didn’t get a chance to see the site 2 long cause by the time [he] got there [Whitney Sudler-Smith] had changed the homepages to XXX.” I have no idea why that didn’t make the episode. It sounds hilarious to me. I would have rather seen that than tips Landon had to impart about world travel.

One thing I am interested in seeing this season is a different side of Craig‘s girlfriend Naomie. We didn’t see a ton of her last year, but Craig told Entertainment Tonight that she will be getting a lot of screen time this season. He revealed, “You got to see the honeymoon period last year. This year, Naomie is such an honest person, which is a good thing. So, if she was mad at me, or if we had something to talk about, there wasn’t any holding back. I think viewers will have a good time watching.”

If someone is going to (finally) get through to Craig, it’s Naomie. Not only that, but Craig also thinks that Naomie is going to get through to the viewers as well. He predicted, “I think fans might be Team Naomie this year.” I can see that.

Naomi explained, “I think you’ll see me put a lot more pressure on him. I was just trying to encourage him, and trying to make him do, you know, what I thought he wanted to do.” The article also mentioned that Craig did actually take the bar exam and that he will get his results back before the end of the month. Let’s hope that he was able to pull through so we can all move on from this story line once and for all.


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