Exclusive: Candid Conversation With Southern Charm Star Kathryn Dennis – Setting The Record Straight On Rehab, Rumors, Motherhood, and More!

Photo courtesy of Kathryn Dennis
Photo courtesy of Kathryn Dennis

While season four of Southern Charm has been rather tame on screen, in the press and on social media things have been rather dramatic. While Kathryn Dennis has done her best to stay out of the fray and not comment on the firestorm, certain things have crossed the line, and she has agreed to sit down and answer some questions, on the record.

Amy F.: Hey Kathryn, I first want to ask you if there is anything off limits? Is there anything you can’t, or won’t talk about?

Kathryn Dennis: I’m not interested in naming names when it comes to those who have gone out of their way to smear me, because I don’t want to give them any press, but it’s pretty obvious who they are, but I’d like to get everything out there, so fire away!

Amy: You’ve obviously seen some of the articles and blogs saying that you are partying, using, unstable, and raging. Is there any truth to any of this? How often do you test, and does the court and/or Thomas Ravenel have access to these test results?

Kathryn: The rumors around town about partying are ridiculous. I have cut myself off from all of those people from when this all hit the fan last May. I fully admit it, I screwed up, but heading off to rehab helped me make a clean break. Ask any bar around town, and they will tell you they haven’t seen me. This is going to be public record soon, and yes, the court and Thomas have seen that I test regularly, and have not failed. The initial source is easy to guess, like in Harry Potter, “he who shall not be named!” Soon, all of the tests and more will be part of the public record, and if certain people have any class, they will be apologizing, because to say those things like that when it’s not true, is so wrong.


Amy: Why do you think certain people are saying these things? Do they have an agenda?

Kathryn: Oh, an agenda, for sure. It’s part of the smear campaign, they are pushing a certain person’s agenda. Also, by using my name, people seem to get more attention in print. I live like a monk right now, and spend most evenings listening to audiobooks. I’m a serious homebody.

Amy: On social media, harsh comments are being made not just about you, but also about Saint and his health, especially the suggestion that he has FAS or Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Is there anything about that you want to clear up?

Kathryn: Oh, for sure I’d like to say something about that. First of all, to talk about a child’s appearance is low, disgusting, sick and twisted. Next, Saint has hit every developmental milestone he is supposed to hit, and is doing very well. I did not drink or use drugs during my pregnancy. For people to look at a photo and diagnose a baby, and then talk about it online is revolting. Does anyone out there really believe that if there was any issue about FAS, that Thomas would just let it go? C’mon! If Saint had any health issues as a result of something that I had done wrong during pregnancy, I would have never gotten visitation back. Both kids are very happy and healthy, thank goodness!

Photo courtesy of Kathryn Dennis
Photo courtesy of Kathryn Dennis

Amy: Good point! So who on Southern Charm do you really trust right now?

Kathryn: Trust is a hard thing for me, but Danni and Naomie. Danni only agreed to sign her contract with Bravo to make sure someone had my back. I will never forget that she did that for me.

Amy: There have been rumors around that Thomas or Bravo paid for rehab, and that while you have the kids, Thomas has been paying your expenses and providing you with a nanny, is there any truth to this?

Kathryn: Me and my family paid for rehab, not Thomas and not Bravo. When I have the kids, there is no nanny at all, it’s just me and them. I do not get any child support or any kind of financial support from Thomas. Just before he take the kids, and left for Palm Beach, he gave me a one time $400 in cash, and then said it would be a shame if the kids had to fly back on my weekend, and maybe I could come out there. It felt like hush money, or go away money. To give me $400 cash made me feel worse than if he gave me nothing. And for the record, I am 100% responsible for my mounting legal fees that are going towards working out a fair custody arrangement.

Photo courtesy of Kathryn Dennis
Photo courtesy of Kathryn Dennis

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Amy: People believe that when you have a name or lineage, that you are rolling in dough, are you Kathryn, the heiress, or do you have to work like the rest of us?

Kathryn: I am very proud of my family name and history, but the lineage does not come with a big ole check. So no, I am not an heiress, and yes, I have to work for a living like everyone else. My family has land, but it’s not a liquid asset. But I would choose that regardless. My family, we are hard workers. My grandfather fought for a lot of things, and changed a lot of thing for the people he represented. Despite having a family with a “name” they got that name through hard work.

Amy: Were you ever addicted to anything, drugs or alcohol or were you using drugs recreationally? I know you have had some back problems, was any of the drug usage as a result of that?

Kathryn: The drug use really started after my breakup with Thomas. It was a coping mechanism, shock. The family I thought I was building was gone. In retrospect I realize it was depression and anxiety. It was something to numb my pain, and deal with Thomas‘ threats that PIs were going to follow me everywhere, and take the kids. My whole life felt as if it were pulled out from under me. In rehab, they quickly discovered that it was not drugs for drugs sake, but rather that I was self-medicating depression and anxiety as almost a self-coping mechanism. I’ve learned a lot, and that it is better when I feel this way to just seek help from an actual doctor. I also learned a lot about myself through this process.


Photo courtesy of Kathryn Dennis
Photo courtesy of Kathryn Dennis

Amy: When you got back from rehab, took and passed your test, as fans saw in the preview, and got visitation restored, has there ever been an incident where the kids were taken from you?

Kathryn: There has not been any incident or problems of any kind when I have had the kids with me. Since I had visitation restored, there has not been anything that has happened. The agreement is still in place that I should have the kids with me every other weekend, and I am hoping that soon we can return to a joint custody.

Amy: And last question, what are your goals for the future with Kensie and Saint?

Kathryn: I want them to be happy and healthy, and I don’t want to miss anything in their lives from here on out. Rekindle that constant bond that has always been there. To be a part of the things I’ve been banned from, like their school, and their care. I want them to find what they love to do, and support them.