Little Women: LA’s Terra Jole Disgusted By Christy McGinity Gibel Using “M” Word In Video

After this week’s Little Women: LA, everyone and their brother has seen the 2012 of Christy McGinity Gibel’s video. And the drama that surrounds the video seems to be more about how Terra Jole used it against Christy than the contents of the video itself. But Terra is still feigning outrage over its contents, to be sure! In her blog, she claims to be “appalled” and “disgusted” by Christy lip syncing to a spoof song that utilized the word “midget” – a slur to the little people community.

First, Terra justifies why most of the episode centered on her book deal, and what the mission of her memoir will be. “This book basically takes you on a journey of my struggles, my experiences and how I turned out to be Terra. We talk about my childhood, crazy job experiences, Little Women, family and even Dancing with the Stars! Not everyone is going to like it, but some are hopefully going to love it.”


Terra’s now-titled book, Fierce at Four Foot Two, is currently available for pre-order. She writes in her People blog, “My goal is to share a version of life that is different from a 4’2″ perspective. Fingers crossed that my book makes you think, cry, laugh, drop your jaw, and even dry heave. That’s right, dry heave! You’ll have to read it to understand.”

“Speaking of dry-heaving, that’s what Christy’s M$&get video did to me,” continues Terra. “I was appalled that someone who preaches about how hurtful and disgusting the M-word is could do a video like this. Was it the smartest thing to bring up before she signed my book release? No way! It was a dumb reaction to being flabbergasted by the crude video.”

Question one: Didn’t Terra initially float the idea by her publisher of using the “M” word in her book title? Question two: Why is Terra suddenly SO interested in this video, which Christy frankly admits she only did for the money back in the day, even though its contents were questionable?

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Terra would rather stand on ceremony than address these points, however, continuing to berate Christy as the WORLD’S WORST LITTLE PERSON. She preaches, “Words have the ability to stab you and this word, amongst others, did just that growing up. It makes you feel alienated and there are few words like that in our society referring to a disability that people use regularly.”

“Bottom line … MIDGET is offensive to me as well as most of the little people community. When you’re drinking, people say ‘drink responsibly.’ Well I’d like to personally say ‘talk responsibly,'” demands Terra.

Yes, these sentiments are true. But Terra seems to be missing the point that she used the video as ammunition in order to gain Christy’s compliance in signing a release for her book.

So on that note, I’d like to add to Terra: How about you act responsibly?


Photo Credit: Lifetime