Gizelle Bryant has been calling Ashley Darby out on her meddling in other people’s relationships lately. But now that The Real Housewives Of Potomac star has seen Ashley’s marriage isn’t all roses and sunshine, she understands a bit more about her costar’s messy behavior – though Gizelle admits being shocked at the nasty confrontation between Ashley and Michael at their restaurant, OZ.

Gizelle was also taken aback by the outdated “romance” advice she received from Karen Huger’s husband, Ray, while out with them on her double date! Gizelle snarks, “God knows I love the Black Bill Gates, however, a man who has been married for 20 years is not someone that I would take dating advice from in 2017.  When Ray was in the ‘dating’ game I believe he was wearing bell bottoms and an afro picking his dates up in a horse and buggy.  I think it’s admirable that he doesn’t want me to be alone.  However, not all women are damsels in distress looking for a man to save them so that they can be barefoot and pregnant while in the kitchen making biscuits and gravy.”


As for the “boudoir” photo shoot Karen put together to keep things fresh with Ray, Gizelle thinks it’s a good move – if a bit awkward to witness up close and personal. She shares in her blog, “I was so excited that Karen wanted to get Lady Eloise back into her marriage.  I’m sure it’s difficult to keep the romance alive after 20 years so my hat goes off to her for even trying. However, the boudoir theme gave me a visual of the Grand Dame and the Black Bill Gates in the horizontal hopscotch and that made me cringe a little.  Yep, I threw up in my mouth.”

“I was trying to encourage Karen to think more Amber Rose and less Downton Abbey. I mean if were going to do a sexy shoot then let’s do the darn thing. I’m talking fishnets, bodysuit, shoulders back, breasts up, booty poked…NOW snap the picture,” jokes Gizelle.

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Now, on to the real drama of the night: Ashley’s showdown with Michael over their disagreements about how to run OZ. After seeing tape roll on the confrontation, Gizelle admits, “I was so not ready for the Ashley/Michael showdown…chiiillllleee my eyes almost popped out of my head while my mouth stayed wide open, what in the world?! Like, OMG, WTF…HORRIBLE! I mean, if looks could kill Micheal would have died with 50 shots to the head and a knife in his neck. I totally understand Ashley’s frustration, she will not be CONTROLLED. Period. EVER. The End.”

Despite her heated argument with Micheal, Ashley somehow found it in her heart to make peace with Robyn Dixon and Charrisse Jackson-Jordan – the two women whose relationships (or lack thereof) Ashley has been openly criticizing all season long.

Gizelle applauds Ashley’s ability to cop to her meddling, and admitting that problems in her own marriage have been causing her to act out. Gizelle reflects that “It was great to hear that Ashley recognizes that she wrongly allowed the stress of the restaurant and her marriage to cause her to be a person that she is not. Many people just act like jerks and they have no explanation for it. I can only imagine the ton of bricks that she has on her shoulders trying to balance personal and professional. I will be here to support her until fun, spunky Ashley comes back. Girl Bang!”


Photo Credit: Bravo

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