Up until the last episode of Real Housewives of Potomac, the viewers always saw a very polished, unemotional version of Karen Huger. This all changed when she spoke out about the horror of going through sexual assault at an event that was filmed for the show. We got to see Karen being truly vulnerable for the first time and she was very open about her experiences.

She used this platform for good instead of trying to push her own line of whatever products she could be promoting and it was honestly refreshing. It’s so hard watching this Real Housewives installment and looking for aspects that aren’t contrived, but this was one moment that was one hundred percent genuine.


Karen opened up about speaking at the Pave event in her last Bravo blog entry. She recalled, “On the night of the Pave event, I was thinking of a million and one things. I was grateful to have the opportunity to share my story publicly. I was honored to do my part in shattering the silence of sexual abuse. Most importantly, I was hopeful that by sharing my story on the Pave platform we might save a save someone’s life.”

For once, the cast members weren’t making this event about themselves or acting like fools. They really seemed to be there for the intended purpose of the event. Karen stated, “Pave is an organization very dear to me.” She also gave props to her costars: “What I admire about all of these ladies is their ability to put aside the pettiness and come together to support one another. It was comforting to have my friends in the audience. I am grateful for their love and support.” Thankfully, they actually were supportive… for the first time in a while.

But of course, the whole episode wasn’t all about the love and support. There was some petty shit as per usual. Karen was asked about Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon’s confrontation with Ashley Darby at her restaurant. Karen explained, “I get it, Robyn is very upset with Ashley for questioning she and Juan’s relationship at the cookout. I also think it’s appropriate for Robyn to speak with Ashley directly and let her know she wants her to stop meddling.” Fair enough. Ashley was blatantly shit stirring. It’s possible that she was coming from a place of concern, but she sure wasn’t acting like it.

Karen continued, “However, ambushing Ashley at her place of business in front of her customers is DEAD WRONG! Furthermore, could someone tell me why Miss Gizelle is riding gunshot in this ambush?” Gunshot? Did she mean shotgun? I have to assume. But anyway, there really was no reason for Gizelle to be present, other than the pursuit of camera time.

Karen declared, “Once again, ‘Miss Word On The Street’ is traveling down a street she has no business on. Gizelle should have stayed in her truck!” Agreed, Karen.

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Ashley and Michael’s marriage is tested when she unveils a new menu for their restaurant at a press event and Michael attempts to shut it down. Gizelle and Karen head out for a double date where the truth comes out about Gizelle’s date. Meanwhile, Robyn questions her home life and identity after a birthday dinner for her mom. Golf balls fly when Karen attempts to mend fences between Monique, Gizelle, Ashley and everyone.


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