Terra Jole Justifies Her Past Movie Roles; Continues To Slam Christy McGinity Gibel For Her Video

Terra Jole Justifies Her Past Movie Roles; Continues To Slam Christy McGinity Gibel For Her “M-Word” Video

Terra Jole’s blog this week makes about as much sense as my Twitter feed, which is to say, none at all. In an attempt to disparage Christy McGinity Gibel once again for making a video years ago in which she lip synced to a spoof song using the word “midget,” Terra has been roundly called out far and wide for her own past appearances on film and TV in which she embraced the “midget” persona as well. Yet now, the Little Women: LA star claims Christy is still vile, offensive, and wrong for making a buck while Terra is totally justified in her dubious choices.

First, Terra discusses her book title, Fierce At Four Foot Two, which caused some drama among the ladies. Briana Renee (egged on by Jasmine Sorge), self described “fierce mama” on social media, may feel like Terra is stepping on her toes, and her “word.”


Terra wonders, “How can someone claim an adjective? I’m lost as to why Jasmine is constantly fighting other people’s battles. Briana is also the farthest thing from fierce! Her hashtag should be #littletimidmama or #lilconfidencemama.”

Claiming that she never thought Christy would sign a book release (which would allow Terra to publish stories about Christy in her tell-all), Terra justifies, “That’s why I felt it was imperative to call her out on all of her hypocritical behavior.”

Then Terra breaks down the list of reasons why she is totally different than Christy! And why her brushes with the “m” word in past gigs don’t make her a bad person at all! But Christy’s use of the same word makes her garbage!!! <eye roll>

Seriously. Here is the list.

  1. Christy mentions that I did a midget scene in Jack Ass. Watch the movie … there is never a mention of a ‘Midget Bar Fight.’ There are, however, a bunch of ignorant people that posted the scene on YouTube and labeled it on their own as ‘Midget Bar Fight.’
  2. Time and time again I’m having to clarify that I did a movie called A Tribute to Big Red. We filmed it for six weeks under that title. After the movie was wrapped, the makers (producers) of the movie changed the name to Midgets vs. Mascots without our consent. As little people, we were outraged, and we even tried calling our union Screen Actors Guild (SAG) to have the title changed. SAG stated that there was nothing they could do.
  3. Elf: I’m proud to have played an elf. I was simply acting a character role. I wasn’t making fun of my physical disability, nor was I ever offended by the role.”

Terra concludes, “The word “midget” is extremely offensive to me and I will always stand up for what I believe in.”

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So, let’s get this straight. Terra can earn a paycheck in whatever way she’s sees fit, and if anyone questions her on it, she can freely defend herself. But if Christy earns money in similar ways, she is forever deemed a terrible person who hates herself and the entire little people community? Okay. Got it.

Terra also calls out what she sees as Jasmine’s hypocrisy, noting, “Jasmine gets upset that I bring up the crude Christy video to all of the girls, yet she’s starting battles that Briana wasn’t even attempting to fight without her confidence booster, Jasmine, by her side. The hypocrisy!”

Finally, in her sit-down with Briana, Terra served up some hard truths to the wannabe model. In her People blog, Terra says Briana needs to stop feeling bad for herself.

Terra snarks, “Let’s cut through the crap. There have been multiple times that Briana was able to sing on Little Women: LA. One time she knew about her singing event weeks in advance, and yet she said that she decided to write this song in her car on the way to the event. (In the car, really?) She’s never prepared no matter how many opportunities are given to her. I think it’s safe to say that talent without hard work equals d—. You’re never going to be handed opportunities, you have to work for opportunities.”

Well, if there’s one point I can agree on with Terra, it’s definitely that one. The Christy stuff, though? Horse manure.


Photo Credit: Lifetime