Little Women LA's Briana Renee Files For Divorce From Matt Ericson; Obtains Restraining Order Against Him!

Little Women LA’s Briana Renee Files For Divorce From Matt Ericson; Obtains Restraining Order Against Him!

It’s the news Little Women: LA viewers have seen coming for what seems like an eternity: Briana Renee finally filed for divorce from her horrific husband, Matt Ericson [Grundhoffer]. Briana also obtained a restraining order against Matt, citing verbal abuse, erratic behavior, and in the most disturbing twist yet, bestiality and pedophilia. Matt has allegedly threatened to kill all of them and/or himself in recent months. This threat is made even more frightening when we remember that Briana brought a gun into their home last season, claiming she needed it for “protection.”

Despite the protestations of her family, friends, and cast mates, Briana clung to her abusive husband through thick and thin – or as she would say, “Ride or Die.” Through his sexting scandals, verbal abuse, serial cheating, and drunken outbursts – Briana made excuses for it all. But now she’s found her limit, and (hopefully) can extricate herself from what can only be described as a toxic relationship.

Briana announced her separation from Matt in November, but many questioned the lasting impact of her words – especially since the couple was still living under the same roof. Now Briana is getting serious. She filed divorce papers citing irreconcilable differences, and is seeking spousal and child support. Not that the perpetually unemployed Matt will be able to offer either, as he’s been reportedly mooching off Briana ever since he hitched himself to her wagon.

Briana filed a restraining order in response to Matt’s abusive behavior since the time of their separation news. TMZ reports that “Briana says Grundhoffer verbally abused her at least twice in November — calling her a ‘c**’ and a ‘worthless bitch’ … and threatened to take their 1-year-old son, Maverick.”

In the darkest twist yet, Briana alleges she found new texts on Matt’s phone to another woman which “involved bestiality and proposals of sex acts with minor children, including the proposal of sex acts with Matthew’s minor child, age 12, from a previous relationship.”

There are no words for this. Okay – maybe a few: Evil scumbag worthy of rotting in a jail cell for life while watching his unforgivably irritating spinoff Matt And Briana: Ride Or Die on an endless loop. With the volume turned ALL the way up.

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Now the only question is that of Briana’s safety, and that of her son, Maverick, and daughter, Leiana (from a previous marriage). The restraining order prohibits Matt from being within 100 yards of his wife and son, but we all know Matt is no stranger to breaking the law or threatening his family (his history of domestic battery charges is public knowledge).

All we can hope for now is that Briana is able to swiftly extricate herself from this horrific marriage once and for all. No word yet on whether she’s reached out to her estranged family, friends, or LWLA cast mates for support – but I’m crossing my fingers that they’re coming to her aid no matter what.


Photo Credit: Lifetime