Terry Dubrow And Paul Nassif Reveal That Botched Season 4 Takes Things “Next Level”

It’s hard to believe there are so many plastic surgery disasters that Botched is in its fourth season, but thankfully it is! Super doctors and best buddies Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif reveal that the upcoming season is their most unique yet and viewers are in for the unexpected. I can only imagine what that means… I mean in the past they’ve even dealt with Farrah Abraham!

According to Terry they received over 10,000 applications and decided to dedicate this season to conquering the seemingly impossible. “This is a very unique season,” he warns. Many of the patients are the “worst of the worst” and “need the most help.”


“And so, the definition of impossible has been thrown out,” Terry continues. “We’ve operated on them and we are seeing complications of our own as a result of trying to fix the impossible.

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“This year, we’ve now taken it to the next level where we don’t even know how to say ‘no’ to patients anymore. So we’re taking patients that have the most incredible complications that we’ve seen,” Paul adds, “telling them that they will have a complication, they do have a complication…”

But it’s for a good reason! Paul explains to E! News, “We’re actually doing it because their lives are destroyed and we’re trying to help them.”

Many of the patients are on “body modification quests” according to Terry – and they willingly go to extremes. “It’s an alternative level,” says Paul.

Among their craziest patients is a group of people who call themselves ‘Smurfites’ and “want to live and be like Smurfs,” shares Terry. “And they have plastic surgery in order to achieve that goal. It’s weird…”

On a persona level this season is also unique for Paul and Terry. Meaning their weight. “There’s been a very unfortunate weight gain in half of us,” jokes Terry. “I love food!” defends Paul.

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On Terry’s weight loss Paul begrudgingly concedes his partner’s accomplishments. “I gotta tell you – he is shredded,” acknowledges Paul. “His abs do look good, but his ass has become very flat like a pancake. Me: I have a nice, round, cute bubble butt.” Well I guess we know where our eyes will be focusing this season!

Botched returns Sunday, June 18 at 9 p.m EST on E!


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