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Heather Dubrow Has Moved Into The Mansion! Talks RHOC, Family Drama, And If Kelly Dodd Was Set Up!

Heather Dubrow‘s podcast was live from the Irvine Improv this week, featuring special guests Terry Dubrow (wait – I thought they never saw each other!?). Heather was so excited by the how many people came, but faux pas – they ran out of champs! “Someone needs to make a Costco run,” she joked (I think). 

Heather took questions from the audience about Real Housewives Of Orange County, meanwhile Terry dished on Botched, and his late rockstar brother. Then back in the studio Heather spilled the dirt on That Seventies Party, and if it was truly as bad as it looked! 


First exciting news – Heather and Terry FINALLY moved into their house! “You know I’m a perfectionist, and it’s 95% done, so I’m not letting anyone in the house yet.” Also, Terry carried her over the threshold – with NO cameras present. “We cried – it was super cute!” Unfortunately their first night in the house, Terry had the entire family gather around to watch Botched and “cracked up through the entire thing.” 

Since everything is new the kids have to follow a bunch of rules. “I bought like 700 coasters,” Heather said (“and the kids have used none!”). I’m not sure if she was joking or not. How could she even tell if they’re breaking them or not the house is like 65 zillion square-feet. “I’m trying not to be a huge control freak…,” Heather insists.  

Terry took the stage after the first break, and revealed Paul Nassif wasn’t able to join them. Which gave Terry opportunity to share stories about his brother Kevin Dubrow, the late lead singer of Quiet Riot. When Kevin was at the height of his fame Terry lived in his guest house and recalls seeing him partying with David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen “whipped creaming girls on the pool table” at 3am as Terry was heading out to do his surgical residency. HA

Terry admits that Botched was Paul’s concept and he “thought it was the stupidest idea ever!” but decided to do it because he was in a place where he was starting to loose his love for surgery. Now that Terry and Paul have wrapped Botched By Nature, which Heather describes as wonderful and “heartfelt,” but confesses she has a “love/hate relationship with it” because of Terry’s travel. “It’s hard to not have your husband around!” (Editor’s note: I’ve seen the first episode of BBN and it’s fantastic! It premieres next Wednesday night on E! And stay tuned because Lauren is interviewing Terry and Paul tomorrow night…..)

“I think we did something really special,” Terry defends. 

They also laughed about the never-dying onion rings. “I was very hung-up and nervous about people seeing me on the show. I just wanted to get through it and not make an ass of myself,” so imagine her surprise by the flak she got over onion rings! “Now I have onion rings everywhere this man goes! And then he got fat,” Heather laughs, “so now he doesn’t really eat onion rings anymore.” 

Now for the recap of last night’s “epic” episode! “This is how the season kicks off,” promises Heather. “And now you’ll see how all the relationships are going to grow, and change, and shift. Next week’s episode is incredible.” The drama is, in fact, so intense that Heather confesses that throughout the season, “I kind of cry a lot.” 

First Heather gushes about Meghan Edmond‘s colorectal cancer advocacy. “It’s one of those cancers that people are embarrassed to talk about and here’s this gorgeous, young girl being the face … I just think it’s cool.” 

Heather segues into confronting Terry while Meghan was over. “It was so stupid,” she admits. “I get it – he had just walked in the house. You can’t do that to someone, you gotta let them settle in, and get’em liquored up!” she jokes. 

Heather blames it on being exhausted. “I’m not saying it’s OK, I’m just explaining why it happened. It was just like a knee-jerk reaction. It wasn’t cool to do it in front of Meghan either.”

Switching to Meghan and Jimmy’s relationship, Heather’s assistant Natalie shares that if you don’t know them as a couple you would feel really bad for Meghan. “Right…” says Heather slowly. “I think for Jimmy – I mean, he hasn’t said this to me – he has 4 kids and he’s had pregnant wives before, but I don’t think he understands the emotionality of the IVF.” Heather wonders if they were doing IVF because of infertility Jimmy would be more compassionate? “Terry was really unemotional about it too,” she confesses. Natalie observes Jimmy seems “extracted from the whole situation” implying he’s just not that into Meghan?

Heather defends Shannon and David’s wet dream conversation with their girls as “funny” and “real.”

“I’m glad I have that kind of relationship with my kids,” Heather declares. “I know my kids will ask me anything!” She recently had to “clinically” describe “69” to one of the twins after someone talked about it at school. “I had to explain it,” she accepts.  

Finally Heather tackles the 70’s party. “It looked fabulous. And the food was amazing. Aside from the craziness, before and after, it was fun!”  

“What was I thinking with roller girl?” Heather laughed. “I fell three times. The third time I was just standing there next to Tamra and my wheel got stuck in her heel and down we both went! I had like a contusion on my buttcheek – a HUGE black bruise. I couldn’t sit down for a while.”

Heather, who brags that her Quarters prowess got Vicki wastedalso gushed over how thin Vicki is. “Didn’t she look so good?” marveled Heather. “Her underwear under her dress. She was a lil’ trampy thing – so funny!” 

“I enjoyed having fun with Vicki. Let’s be honest – Vicki and I were never best friends. We text each other, I have fun when I see her, but we’re not like sit on the phone and gab kind of friends, but I’m very fond of her,” Heather explained. “What I said on the episode, I mean. I’m over it. I don’t want to think about it anymore. It doesn’t affect my life. We had the best time – we were laughing, drinking, and playing quarters…” 

Another positive was the “aha conversation” Heather had with Terry.”It just sort of organically happened and if he had been resistant at all to what I was saying I would have shut it down, but he was so open.” Watching the show, Heather cried seeing Terry confess that he got it. “I think I made the connection. I want him to understand I’m not admonishing him; I’m not bitching him out – I don’t him want to come back in ten years and say, ‘Why didn’t you tell me?’ But now, let’s see if it happens!” 

Of course that was the end of the fun stuff. Heather describes Kelly’s behavior as “outrageous,” but is making some allowances for the crazy. Shockingly! And Heather seems to be implying that Shannon was involved with Nina and Jaci in setting Kelly up. 

“I can’t believe Kelly called David a pedophile. What was that? Her sense of humor sometimes is off. She thinks something’s funny, but it’s not necessarily funny,” Heather chastises. “I know Jaci and Nina. I’ve met them a few times, but I felt like they were just gunning for Kelly right from the get-go.” 

Heather can’t believe Jaci’s statement about meeting Kelly at the Montage, but not with Michael! “Who says that?!” Heather scoffs. “How abut this, you say nothing. Or, ‘Oh, we met at the Montage. Period.’ Nice to see you again.” 

Heather and Natalie are suspicious about the events, specifically Jaci’s behavior. Natalie calls it set-up. “Didn’t you think!” Heather agrees. “It was weeeeird.” 

“When I was watching Jaci and Nina and Shannon sitting – I know Tamra was sitting with them – but when they were all talking it just felt like why were they gossiping about Kelly? What was the point?” Heather considers. “[Nina] went from 0-60! I don’t know her that well…” she harrumphs, “And…” 

“You’d think you’d be on your best behavior when the cameras are around. Everyone was drinking, but you know what, you still have to have some kind of filter. I didn’t like that Nina went right after Kelly…” 

“Here’s the thing: They’re all going after her, like, for no reason, and I thought that was weird – the comment that girl Jaci made … what does that mean? I completely understand why Kelly felt set-up, however, that doesn’t mean, that you can tell people they look average, that they’re ugly, they’re nothing,” Heather lectures. 

“Then she went after Shannon! You don’t know if Shannon had anything to do with any of this. Shannon wasn’t going after her – it was those other two girls,” Heather adds. “And all the sudden [Kelly] calls her Mrs. Roper?!” 

Natalie, Heather’s assistant, isn’t letting Shannon off the hook so easily, and reminds Heather that Shannon was all-too cozy with Jaci and Nina. “I understand why she felt backed into a corner because she felt like the moment she got there someone was on her butt basically, but that reaction was INSANE,” Heather persists.  

Heather also found it super bizarre that Nina told Kelly and Vicki to look for the purse in the bathroom – even after Nina was the one who moved it next to Heather. “It was so weird! It was like are you trying to get Vicki all crazy? I don’t know about any of that…” 

“I did not like the fact that Michael started in on Shannon as well. Totally inappropriate! You know, boys – stay out of that, or get your wife out of the situation. You don’t start ragging on the hostess. Totally not OK!”

Apparently David’s confrontation with Vicki was worse than what we saw on the show! “David told her to shut the f–k up and then went nuclear on her,” Heather shares. “I don’t care how you feel – you do not speak to a woman like that.” 

Heather also shares that she learned the true extent of what happened while watching the episode. 

“I didn’t see a lot of it because I obviously wasn’t in the room when all those girls were together. I missed the beginning with the girls, and I missed the beginning of what happened with David and Vicki. So that night all I knew was that everyone was screaming. But then when Kelly said, ‘No wonder you cheated on your wife…’ You don’t cross that line,” Heather admonishes. “You don’t say things like that. Especially for someone who has been in a situation with potential divorce, and, according to Shannon, maybe cheating. That was way low!” 

Heather warns, “The whole thing was outrageous and insane, and the season only gets crazier from there.” 

Heather was shocked by Vicki calling Brooks. “What was that about?!” she gasped. “I didn’t understand if she was calling to say ‘I love you,’ or ‘You better fix this’? If someone faked cancer and ruined your life wouldn’t you lose their number forever?! It’s terrible. The whole thing was very odd.” 

She was also aghast over the fake streakers, and didn’t get it. “There had been a lot of champagne. I was bumped and bruised, and I was having post traumatic stress disorder from all the fighting and they ran out ‘naked’. I didn’t even understand they were streakers!” 

However Heather was impressed that Shannon was able to rally following the Kelly drama. “I was pretty glad that she could get it together.” 

In other tidbits, The San Francisco taping of Heather’s live podcast may be filmed by RHOC! Also Heather sang the National Anthem live at an Angels game. It was pretty good (you can listen on the podcast or see it on last night’s WWHL). 


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