Monique Samuels

The Real Housewives of Potomac star Monique Samuels isn’t feeling even a tiny bit of remorse over not inviting Gizelle Bryant to her daughter’s no-expense-spared birthday party. She defends the decision in her latest blog, also explaining WHY she went all out for her daughter’s first birthday bash.

On Gizelle, “I tried to remain open-minded. It’s hard to deal with people who don’t know the difference between a lie and the truth. She constantly over exaggerates every detail. She tried once again to be demeaning, but this time, God had enough! She choked on her lies. Literally!”

Monique defends her lavish birthday party for daughter Milani, “I love to celebrate, especially when it comes to my kids and their major milestones. This was not just Milani’s 1st birthday celebration, but also her christening ceremony. Chris and I have a lot of family and friends so it’s hard to plan our events without including everyone. The more people we have, the higher the cost of the celebration. My children are worth it. In my house growing up, we always celebrated everything, so I do the same for my kids. I’m an over-the-top type of person, so I enjoy taking things to the next level. Even though it’s a child’s party, I always make sure the adults have something to enjoy as well. It was really like two parties all bundled into one! That night following the festivities for the children, I had nannies available so that all of the parents could relax and enjoy themselves as well. The kids can’t always have all of the fun!”

She also defends her decision not to invite Gizelle. “Gizelle and I have not meshed by any means, so why would I invite her to a special event of this magnitude? There was no way I would have any negativity at my daughter’s first birthday and christening party. I actually did her a favor by not inviting her, since this particular home was a two hour drive from Potomac. That would have been a long drive home if she got kicked out again!”

She adds in her blog, “On top of that, my family from New Jersey does not play. The way she conducted herself at my Vienna home was so ratchet and classless. There was no reason for me to allow her demons into my residence, which is my place of relaxation and peace. She can keep her negative energy on the other side of Maryland. I’m sure Gizelle would have come even though she said she wouldn’t because she loves attention and she’s nosey. She keeps wondering what my other homes look like, so I doubt she would have missed the opportunity to try and pick this one apart.”

On tonight’s episode we join the ladies of Potomac in Bermuda! And like all Housewives trips, this one goes to hell in a handbasket quickly. “The ladies’ “bonding” trip to Bermuda turns cold after Karen leaves some of the women out of a once in a lifetime opportunity. Meanwhile, Robyn makes a critical decision regarding her relationship with Juan. Monique and Gizelle finally address their issues with one another, and the ladies come together for a sunset cruise….but will one of the women walk the plank before the trip is over?” Join us here in the comments for our virtual viewing party at 8/7 C!


Photo Credit: Bravo TV

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