Gizelle Bryant Loves The Hate! Says It Lets Her Know She's

After weeks of sniping and snapping at each other, it only took a brief sailing excursion to bring Gizelle Bryant and Monique Samuels closer. Thanks to Karen Huger’s meddling in Bermuda, The Real Housewives Of Potomac stars found themselves aboard an American Cup boat, scrambling to survive. Well, not really. But they were sufficiently freaked out enough to get along for a hot second!

First, Gizelle comments on Karen’s welcome gift baskets, a nod to her “superior” status as official host on the cast trip. She snarks, “I never kick a gift horse in the mouth, so I was grateful to have fruit, cheese, and crackers in my room and really didn’t care who it came from. However, to this day I don’t understand why Karen is holding on to the title of Head Chief Hostess like her life depends on it. A trip for six people can be planned by my 12-year-old daughter in her sleep; it’s NOT difficult. Why does anyone need a title, tiara, or a crown for this? Did Karen not get enough hugs when she was a child?”

Despite Karen’s constant obnoxious reiteration that SHE is the host (er, not Bravo?) of the girls’ trip, Gizelle does appreciate the Grand Dame’s plan to act as peacemaker between Monique and her. She comments in her blog, “The first time Karen tried to broker a conversation between Monique and I, she was upstaged by Charrisse [Jackson-Jordan’s] tears, and Karen will NOT be upstaged. So I wasn’t surprised to see Monique walk on the bus, and quite frankly it was time for us to have a conversation.”

Despite her initial hesitancy, Gizelle found herself unexpectedly comforting Monique on the sailing excursion: “If it were not for sailing, Monique and I might not be speaking to this day. Ha! The thought of sailing really made her turn into another person. She became quiet, gentle and calm. At first, I thought she was joking when she said that she didn’t like water. But when she STOPPED TALKING, I knew this girl was terrified.”

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Because sh*t quickly got real on those ocean waters, Gizelle claims she had to get real too. “Listen, I might throw shade at a house party but in a time of true NEED, I’m your girl,” she explains. “This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to sail on an American Cup boat. I knew that if she didn’t take advantage of this opportunity she would regret it, and she would NEVER stop talking about it….and who wants to hear that?” Okay – so she couldn’t help but throw shade in there after all. That’s the Gizelle we’ve come to know!

As for the argument between Robyn Dixon and Karen at the end of this week’s episode, Gizelle thinks it’s petty – and that it all centers around Charrisse (of course). She comments, “Now you know I love me some Robyn. She put on that amazing blue jumpsuit with a train and said, “super powers activate.” In 30 seconds or less, Robyn went from “spying” to see if Karen’s hairstylist was really there to calling her a HYPOCRITE. Listening to Karen’s off-camera comments made me realize that she NOW wears the crown, tiara and holds the title for the ‘Tell Me How You REALLY Feel Award.'”

Tossing out a final word for Charrisse, Gizelle warns, “Charrisse, get ready girl because shots have been fired.”


Photo Credit: Bravo

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