Hannah Ferrier’s got no shame in her game, and I kind of love her for it! After kissing Greek God-like charter guest, Jason, on last week’s Below Deck: Mediterranean, the canoodling couple were outed when first stew Bugsy Drake found Hannah and Jason‘s texts on the yacht’s master iPad. Hannah calls out Bugsy and Bobby Giancola’s reading of the private messages – and their Scooby Doo antics afterward – as immature.

Hannah first explains the kiss heard round the mega yacht: “Jason and I had a lot of chemistry as soon as he came on board, but it really went against my rules to hook up with a charter guest! But after the few weeks I had had dealing with the new crew, it was nice to get some positive attention.”

Hannah admits, “It was definitely a case of the angel on one shoulder and devil on the other. Despite the obvious chemistry and flirting, once he actually kissed me, I had a realization that this needed to wait until after he had left the boat. So in short – a very quick kiss!” Hmm. Not sure if I believe that. But I ain’t mad atcha either way, Hannah!

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When she learned the crew had gotten wind of her little fling with Jason – by way of their texts – Hannah says she was shocked at their behavior. She shares in her blog, “I can’t really imagine reading someone else’s texts – let alone a primary charter guest! It’s obviously a massive invasion of my privacy, but I was so embarrassed that I was going to have to tell Jason that the crew had been reading his personal text messages for ten hours.”

“If they read those texts, what else did they look at on his phone?!” wonders Hannah. “All texts were sent after he left the boat so he had done nothing wrong.” Well, okay. But to play devil’s advocate, Hannah would likely have BLASTED any of the crew who had engaged in similar shenanigans. And something tells me that she would have also eagerly read any and all texts that crossed her path, had situations been reversed. So there is a level of hypocrisy at play here, for sure.

Although Hannah is still in touch with Jason (she says they still text daily!), she has mixed feelings about how things went down on the ship. She jokes, “I wish I had left the kiss until after he had left the boat, and I wish he hadn’t dropped that damn iPhone in the water!”


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