With Gretchen Rossi back on Real Housewives of Orange County at some point this season, she has a lot to share to ahead of her appearance. Gretchen and her forever sidekick, Slade Smiley, went on The Tomorrow Show to discuss Slade’s job situation (claiming he’s ALWAYS had a job) and to share why they are certain that Eddie Judge is gay. They also explain why they haven’t married yet and Gretchen explains why she thought being on RHOC was going to give her cancer.

Gretchen on why she thinks Eddie is gay:  “We were filming, there was something that was said about, uh, Eddie at the table. Somebody brought up a situation that they walked into, and I simply asked the question, ‘wow, well do you know if Eddie’s gay or not?’ I asked a question based off of the information that was being given to me. I wasn’t there to try and call Tamra out or try and call Eddie out. It was nothing like that. And quite frankly, whatever their deal is, is between them. And I, it’s like, if I wanted really to out that, I could have done that a long time ago. It surprised me the story that I heard in that moment because I hadn’t heard that story before, and I was like, ‘wow, like that’s pretty, pretty interesting.'”

Slade adds, “The truth is, is that nobody cares whether Eddie is gay, isn’t gay. I think what people care about is that Tamra could potentially be lying about it, and she’s manufacturing, you know, in our opinion, she’s manufacturing a relationship for television.”

Gretchen asserts that we would feel the same way if we knew what she heard. “The story that was told to us, it would make any of you sitting here go, ‘wait a minute, so is he gay or is he like; is he intimate? Is he not?’ Like, it would make any of you question that.”

Slade thinks Tamra‘s claims of being a Christian are crap. “She’s so two-faced and knows how to manipulate everyone, and her policy is ‘lie, lie, lie and eventually everyone will start to believe you’…Everything that we see her do is so pre-meditated: ‘I’m gonna become Christian, who would dare question my religion? Christians are stupid, and they’ll follow me. And if I just tell everyone that I’m Christian, Christian, Christian, eventually they’ll believe me’.”

Gretchen says the network loves Shannon Beador‘s stressed marriage issues, “I think that Shannon has definitely had some issues with her marriage and I think that slowly things keep seeping out and I think that there has been some ‘oops’ moments like the phone call that she made to Vicki about being abused or hit or whatever, by David and I think that these things are slowly kind of seeping out. And she’s trying really hard to keep the lid on it. But I know that the network loves that kind of stuff. Because they’re just like at some point they’re like the lids going to get blown and it’s gonna make such great TV.”

Gretchen reveals how stressful it is being on The Real Housewives of Orange County, “The night before the reunion show I literally was on my floor, curled up, hurled up in a bottle and I—fetal position. And I looked at him [Slade Smiley] and I was like I’m going to wake up and have cancer from this show…I felt like I was losing my own self integrity through the show because you just have to kinda become this other person then, then what you really are in your real life in order to stay involved in it.”

She says that we will only see her on one episode this season. “I did come and film 1 episode for Vicki’s party and– because Vicki and I are legit good friends now. She invited me to her birthday party and I went. But let me just tell you if I was coming back to out Eddie, that would have happened a long time ago.”

On why Gretchen and Slade haven’t married yet:  “Well here’s the thing, Slade and I don’t necessarily do things small. I mean who knows we might just tomorrow go and decide we’re gonna elope but we don’t normally do things small. We kinda like extravagant, big, over the top things. Feels a little irresponsible right now to go do that when you know his son is struggling still, we’re going through some you know, financial stuff with that still and always. Um, we’re trying to have a baby that’s very expensive especially because he had a vasectomy 15 years ago and we’re having to do IVF. Um, so our money right now is really being focused on these other things. We don’t feel like going and spending $200,000 on a wedding as the most responsible thing do right now. We feel like we’re already married, we don’t feel like having a certificate that says we’re married is gonna show that we love or committed any more to each other. So that’s just where we stand today. Now if I win the lottery tomorrow or I just have stupid money bleeding out of you know, the backyard on trees, then I might go ‘Ok let’s throw a big wedding.’”

Slade then explains that he has had a job this whole time but he couldn’t share it because of privacy issues! He claims, “My company is a privacy company, and we do some things with the DOD and the DOJ…It’s something that obviously we didn’t talk about a lot. Uh, we’ve only recently started making this technology available to the private sector. Before that, it was just government contracts. So not something that I talk about a lot. Um, and on the show, you know, their whole story is, ‘oh, he doesn’t have a job. Like, he, he’s not really working.’ And, and so we’re in, in line, uh, getting on a flight somewhere, 300 and some passengers, and some woman is very excited because she’s a fan of the show and she wants to come up and take pictures and so we take pictures, and she’s very nice, and she wants to call her husband and she can’t wait to tell him that, you know, she had a chance to meet us. So she calls the husband, and she’s on speakerphone, and she’s standing in line with all these people. And she’s like, ‘oh, it’s so great. You know, I got to meet Gretchen and Slade and they were so nice.’ And on the speakerphone you hear him go, ‘oh, does that douchebag have a job yet?’…It just kinda shows you how damaging that the perception that the network wants to put out there about you for their story, when people really don’t know the truth.”

Gretchen describes her anger over Slade being called a deadbeat dad to Grayson, “There was this entity that he was not able to discuss at the time. And so it’s something that we got so frustrated about because, you know, if the network ever paid Slade for an appearance, the money would go directly to Grayson’s [Slade’s son with brain cancer], uh, charity, and they knew it, because we we’ve had them pay the foundation and they would still allow the women to say he’s a deadbeat dad, doesn’t take care of his son. So it’s stuff like that that was really difficult on us, and it’s part of the reason that we honestly left, because they just manipulated our reality so poorly…I literally catch him [Slade] in the bathroom in the middle of the night bawling his eyes out because of the situation with his son, and I see how actively involved he is with his son and, and the issues that he’s going through and you have people literally in, in 144 countries watching this show that are going, ‘you’re a deadbeat piece of shit dad,’ it’s horrific.”

You can listen/watch their whole interview on The Tomorrow Show.


Photo Credit: The Tomorrow Show