Shahs of Sunset recap

Yes, Asa Soltan Rahmati is a reality TV star, but she is pretty lucky because she has been able to capitalize on the Shahs of Sunset exposure to sell those caftans and diamond water without actually sharing anything about her personal life.

Her partner Jermaine Jackson Jr. has never appeared on the show (aside from a quick cameo) and she is pretty much just there to promote herself and comment on everyone else’s problems. Sure, she has an interesting persona with the “Persian Pop Princess” shtick, but she is very closed off- especially in comparison to the rest of the cast who lays it all out there. I have no idea how she pulled this off, but props to her.

Asa talked with Brandi Glanville on her Brandi Glanville Unfiltered podcast to talk about motherhood mostly, but she did talk about the show here and there. When Brandi asked, “What can we expect from the season?” All Asa said was, “A lot. On our show there’s just a lot going on all the time. It was a crazy season.” Vague, but alright.

Asa told Brandi, “I don’t put my son on the show. Jermaine is not on TV. Obviously if he’s not, he’s not going to let his first son be on TV either. It might seem radical to some people, but especially being a part of the Jackson family, they know what this stuff is like. They’re very private. They’ve been through it.”

Asa asserted, “Yes, I’m on a TV show, but you know what, the public doesn’t own me. I’m always going to be me.” Fair enough. I mean if she keeps getting asked back for the show and they’re still paying her, then why would she reveal more than she has to?

The one thing Asa does contribute to the show is being a peacemaker, which isn’t the most entertaining, but it’s necessary on most reality TV shows. Still, she insists that she is not taking on “a role” by trying to facilitate harmony within the cast. Asa explained, “I don’t feel like I have to be the one to do anything. That’s who I am naturally.” She added, “My natural instinct is conflict resolution.”

She insisted, “I don’t feel like that’s my role. Life is short. The world is too crazy. Why are we doing this?” For the money, Asa. If it wasn’t for these people carrying the show by screaming at each other then you wouldn’t be able to push all of these products.

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Tonight is an all new episode of Shahs of Sunset. What we can expect tonight, according to Bravo: “Reza and Adam throw an anniversary celebration, where Shervin tells the group that he and Annalise are exclusive and GG is once again left behind. Shervin hosts a Malibu house party and invites Reza and GG in hopes of getting them to make amends. While there, GG makes strides when she apologizes to Adam for attacking him at Asa’s art show last year, but she and Reza actively avoid each other as the party rages. On their way to Malibu, MJ and Reza make a pit-stop to visit her father and  Reza learns that Shams may not be doing as well as MJ has been letting on.”

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