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Mercedes ‘MJ’ Javid & Mike Shouhed Think Asa Soltan Rahmati Isn’t Truthful

Mercedes 'MJ' Javid and Mike Shouhed on WWHL

Why is Asa Soltan Rahmati on reality television? Until Asa got pregnant she had no real story line on Shahs of Sunset other than promoting caftans and diamond water. She shares nothing from her personal life and the “Persian Pop Priestess” act is really wearing thin.

Mercedes “MJ” Javid and Mike Shouhed are tired of putting themselves out there on Shahs of Sunset while Asa shares absolutely nothing and they made that very clear during their appearance on Watch What Happens Live.

Andy Cohen stirred the pot unleashed a can of worms when he asked MJ and Mike if they have seen Asa‘s baby yet. Mike said, “I’ve never even met him.” MJ took it a step further and added, “No. We are not invited. Our relationship ended last Mother’s Day when we were here together [on Watch What Happens Live] when my mom said ‘stop using the show as an infomercial.'”

Seriously though – why is Asa even on Shahs of Sunset? What entertainment does she bring to the table?

The Asa trash talk was put on hold when Andy asked MJ some questions about her mother. Innocently enough, he wondered, “Did she help you unpack or decorate your new apartment?” MJ didn’t hold back: “No sooner would she bludgeon herself than help us with anything.” And she really put the nail in the coffin when she added, “I mean she’s barely a mothering mother.”

Andy polled the audience about whether or not MJ is jealous that Asa got pregnant first and (a not so sober) MJ interjected, “Can I speak on this?” She said, “I understand that because Asa hid the fact that she was planning a pregnancy. She never told me that she wanted the number for my doctor and that she was planning everything.”

Mike came to MJ’s defense and explained, “They’re saying ‘Are you jealous?,’ but you are not jealous. They were both going in for the same treatment and kept it a secret instead of being a real friend and saying ‘Let’s do this together. I know what you’re going through,’ and all of a sudden she talks about how she had this ‘miracle’ baby. Bull shit.”

MJ jumped in with, “For me it’s a really big deal because I always wanted a sisterhood with Asa and I feel like we got bamboozled by her. I feel like it will unfold as you watch the episodes. At this moment, when I got the eggs frozen and I went through the process, she asked me a million questions and didn’t share anything. It was very hurtful and shocking. My dad was hanging on for his life and really my dad is my rock. Nobody knows that he’s my man.”

Andy replied, “Right because we don’t see him on the show.” MJ continued, “That’s my everything and Asa’s apathy toward that and her going like this [makes hand gesture to mimic Asa showing off baby bump] and I’m like ‘What is it? A new caftan? What are you doing? What is it?'” I could not help laughing at that. It would be a #TotalAsaMove to reveal a new caftan design at someone else’s special event.

Andy imposed a break on the Asa bash session and asked Mike about his status with Jessica Parido. He confirmed that they are divorced and said, “There is no me and Jessica. Done. Done. Done.”

Then Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi called in (from an area with poor phone reception) and made some muffled comments about how she was upset that Mike said she had “raccoon eyes” and then she accused Mike of getting some work done on his own eyes. She should have just tweeted her anger like the rest of the disgruntled Bravolebrities because no one understood what she was saying during the call.

Mike was perturbed that GG took issue with one negative comment he made instead of focusing on the nice things he said. He complained, “I said she’s healthy, she looks good, she’s in a good place, but this evil woman calls me and talks about one bad thing I said about the dark circles under [her] eyes.”

Andy asked Mike about his dating life and Mike declared, “Dating in L.A. is really hard. I’m just trying to find my groove because I’ve been out of the game for a while.” MJ called him out: “There’s a girl wearing your necklace,” which is something GG mentioned in her recent interview with Reality Tea.

Mike didn’t really address the topic at hand. He just said, “Yeah, of course. Her initials are the same as mine so that’s why.” As if it’s no big deal to give out jewelry to a girl he’s “not dating.” Alright then…

The Asa shit talking picked up steam (again) when Andy had Mike and MJ play a game where they guessed if objects weighed more or less than MJ’s boobs. One of the “objects” was Asa’s baby and MJ was so not here for that. She dismissed it by saying, “Nobody knows ’cause nobody cares. Nobody has an idea.” Mike interjected, “I care.”

Of course, Andy revealed, “Asa has been tweeting up a storm” and MJ said, “Oh has she? Because of her insecure ass.”

Mike explained, “Last year when I was going through my divorce, she was the number one person, advocate [of] ‘Tell the truth. Tell the truth. Tell the truth.’ All I wanted for her was to tell the truth, regardless of what we’re gonna think. If you’re going to tell me to tell the truth and you’re going to grill me to do it, be a truth teller as well when it’s your turn.”

MJ added, “Asa just need to be with the realness.” And then she seemed pretty far from sober when she explained, “What I want from Asa is stay with us. You know it’s not all about glitter and gold.” I get what she’s trying to say though. The rest of the cast lays their lives out there while Asa brings nothing remotely personal to this show. I don’t blame Mike and MJ for calling her out.

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